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Is Your County a Millionaire County?

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CNN Money has a slide show featuring the top ten counties with the highest number of household millionaires. Do you live amongst them? Perhaps you are one.

  1. Los Angeles, California with 268,138 households, home of Donna Martin
  2. Cook County (Chicago), Illinois with 171,118 households, home of the Oprah Winfrey Show
  3. Orange County, California with 116,157 households, home of my mom (and Mickey Mouse)
  4. Maricopa County (Phoenix), Arizona with 113,414 households, home of Alice Cooper
  5. San Diego County, California with 102,138 households, home of Nyoka, the ball python
  6. Harris County (Houston), Texas with 99,504 households, former home of Halliburton
  7. Nassau County (Western Long Island), New York with 79,704 households, home of David Wright
  8. Santa Clara County (San Jose/Silicon Valley), California with 74,824 households, home of Google
  9. Palm Beach County, Florida with 71,221 households, home of Jimmy Buffett
  10. King County (Seattle), Washington with 68,390 households, home of Dr. Frasier Crane

If you live in one of these areas, but are not a millionaire, at least you can feel safe with the knowledge that burglars will be focusing their efforts on the neighbor’s house rather than yours.

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avatar Nathan Whitehead

Regarding thieves: actually the high income areas tend to have much less crime, despite having higher profile targets. Apparently drugheads can’t be bothered to take the Caltrain into Mountain View to rob houses. I’m also not so sure that higher income homes are more of a target for burglaries (thieves might figure more chance of getting caught and jailed, or that it’s harder to get away with valuables because there is more land and fences around house).

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avatar Blain Reinkensmeyer

I am surprised Oakland County isn’t up there, it is one of top 3 wealthiest counties in the United States. I guess we just don’t have enough millionaires or something, bad beat!

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avatar Hamburger Flipper

One problem criminals face in wealthy communities is a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb and therefore to attract unwanted attention, which is the last thing a thief wants. Also, many are inaccessible or at least difficult to reach by proletarian means of transportation. Good luck getting in and out of, say, Ridgewood, Lake Forest, or Greenwich!

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avatar Fellowes

Excluding Microsoft Millionaires, I wonder how many millionaire households would be left in King County in Washington. My guess is that number drops by more than half, if not more.

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avatar Jon

That list is silly. LA county probably has the most poor people too. Do a per capita list and it would be more truthful.

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