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It Never Hurts to Ask

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Or more accurately, it never hurts to call and threaten cancellation of a service.

I called my cable television company today to get rid of HBO, since I never watch it. I only had it because at one point, it was cheaper for me to have it than not to have it*. That promotion ended, and every so often I’d call up asking if they had any new promotions to lower my price.

Well, today when I said I was getting rid of HBO, they said there’s a new promotion where they can offer me the same service and cut about $40 off the price of the monthly bill. Once again, it would be cheaper for me to have HBO than to have cable without HBO. So I signed up for the new 12 month promotion.

* Okay, I admit I used to watch the HBO program Real Sex On Demand with my girlfriend at the time once in a while.

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avatar J P

Really? Which promo is this?

* nice.

avatar Luke Landes

It is a Digital Silver Plus promo that is available in my town… I don’t know if it’s offered anywhere else, but it never hurts to call.

avatar Rhi

It’s a bit like that here, you can have just the sports package, or just the movies, or for 2quid extra a month you can have both.

avatar SEV

sounds like a conspiracy between HBO and your cable company to me…