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It Was a Fine Week For Stocks (For Me)

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ChartAfter stocks were approaching long-time highs, by the end of the week everything was falling. That’s great news! While I’m still in investing mode, I like to buy when values are down. Part of my paycheck is automatically invested into a 401(k) every other Friday, so perhaps I’ll be getting good prices for my various funds tonight.

I’m hoping that “dollar cost averaging” pays off in the long run.

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avatar My Fiancial Journey

Word – damn stocks keep going up, bad for us youngsters trying to buy stocks for our retirement. Go recession ;-)

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avatar Luke Landes

On the one hand, I like to see my balances moving up, and on the other, I like the feeling I’m getting “a deal” when I invest.

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avatar kurt

If you believe in an efficient market, which I suspect a lot of people here do, falling stocks are always a bad sign. Your implicit assumption in saying this was a good week for you is that stocks will end up at the same price in the long run as they otherwise would have. A strict application of the efficient market hypothesis says this is hogwash.
Just saying.
Keep up the good work.

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avatar Luke Landes

You may be right, Kurt, and thanks for the well wishes. Unfortunately, we will never know whether a price today affects a price 30 years from now to a high degree of assuredness. Funny things, hypothetical situations.

What I do know is that investing today, I’ll be better off in the long run than I would be had I invested the same amount yesterday when the prices were higher.

I’m not claiming I have a strategy. Today just happened to be payday.

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avatar F. D. Bryant III

No, don’t let stocks go down now. I have a house to buy. After September then they can fall as far as I am concearn.

Heh…..actually I’ll sell out if I have to. Probably should anyway. Still if the market could generate another couple thousand for me before I close it would be nice.

Besides haven’t you heard of sell in May, walk away. That historically if your investing money between Oct-May you make money, and from June to Sept you lose money (or something like that – it on one of Cavuto’s shows, kinda wish I’d paid closer attention.

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