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It’s Budget Crunch Time

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At work, I’m in the midst of working on the 2006 budget for a division of a large company. I’ve been putting in 12 hours days in the office, followed by several hours from home through the VPN. Two of my MBA courses are overlapping this week as well, and I have three and a half papers to write (totaling around 6,000 words). This is all starting to create a little bit of stress.

Perhaps I should create a budget for my personal expenses. I have yet to take a serious approach to personal budgeting. I already spend enough time looking at my finances and trying to cut expenses, so I’m not sure the time spent developing a detailed budget will pay off.

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avatar savvysaver

I feel for you… this is my last week of class for the semester (two tests, some essay questions, one paper), and I had a meeting last night that went until 8 pm. Crazy work hours, crazy class hours, and of course, crazy holiday party hours. Isn’t this time of year fun!?!

avatar BoarderX

I with you guys. I have four papers to write for my class – all due Monday. Work is crazy and the last thing I want to do when I get home is spen more time on the PC searching for resources. My eyes hurt and I think I’m going delerious!!!

avatar jim

I have two finals coming up but no papers. Good luck everyone!