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Join the Army, Get Rich

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Finally CNN Money has listened to my ranting and posted a Millionaire in the Making article about a single person rather than a couple.

I don’t have any commentary other than that.

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avatar Darren R. Sussman

Yeah, but c’mon? $115,000 annually in salary? Even her $68,000 from the military (a pay cut for her) is what many of us would consider to be a really good, high paying salary. They’re still not profiling REAL single people like you are talking about.

avatar Doug Heaton

Perhaps the reason CNN hasn’t shown such evidence of dramatic upward mobility is because of the sheer difficulty in finding it. A person that has gone from making less than 30k a year to being a millionaire without the help of a very supportive spouse or incredible luck is the needle in the haystack. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’m definitely saying it’s improbable.

avatar Rob

Have y’all ever read “Millionaire Next Door”. If I remember correctly, all the people profile were making $100k a year income. Some were frugal as hell. And most were married couples with the kids gone.