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Jonathan Saved Me 17%

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Jonathan from MyMoneyBlog posted about wireless plan discounts based on the company that employs you, so I decided to look into Verizon’s Employee Discounts to see if I qualified. Good news! Within the next two billing cycles, I will have a discount of 17% applied to my bill.

This discount is for personal cell phones, even though it is based on the company you work for. Here is how to find your discount.

I encourage anyone who works for a corporation and has a wireless plan with these carriers to check to see if there are any discounts available. It doesn’t hurt, it’s simple, and it could save you some money.

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avatar Jeremy

Yep, these are becoming more and more common as employee benefits. At my previous employer I had a 22% discount with Verizon, and now I have a 15% discount on Sprint.

Unfortunately I won’t be switching to Sprint, so I can’t take advantage. But it is a great benefit that is largely unknown to many employees.

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avatar Dus10

Beyond companies, many large universities offer this for students. My wife attended a larger university for three courses, and then transferred. The good thing about universities is that they don’t deactivate you very quickly, because many students will take a semester off, here and there. So, it was verified through her university email that was still active, even though she had not attended it for nearly two years.

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avatar Hazzard

That is a great tip. I work with the cellular companies as part of my job at a VERY large company. The vendor I use offers a 25% discount off of all their plans for anyone in our company. I’ve been reaping this benefit for a few years now and love it!

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avatar Lazy Man and Money

If you ever have a legit reason to be dissatisfied with your wireless carrier, do be hesitant to call and them – nicely of course. I ran into a billing error with Sprint where purchasing and activating a new phone changed my plan and got me out of grandfathered rate. After explaining that I was this would not happen the first suggested that I return the phone and cancel their service. So that’s exactly what I tried to do. They passed me to their “retention” group. Well they have the power to give you discounts like you’ve never believed. I’ve got $80 worth of minutes and features for around $22 a month now. That includes high speed (near DSL), unlimited Internet.

I would almost feel bad about this, but they offered it to me, because they didn’t seem to have a way to re-install my grandfathered plan. It definitely made up for it, and saves me about $15 a month. That said it did take several hours on the phone to get it done, so I won’t really break even for a year. :-)

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avatar Jonathan

Glad to hear it!

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avatar Savvy Steward

Sometimes if you have been a long-term customer and they are nice, they will even apply the corporate discount to your previous billing statements.

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avatar The Finance Buff

If you are like me, working in the office all day, not using a lot of minutes on cell phone, a prepaid plan will save you more money. My cell phone expense is about $10 a month.

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avatar Terry Piatt

Can someone explain why corporate employees should get a wireless discount not available to small business employees?

If it is a fringe benefit paid for by the employer, shouldn’t it be taxable?

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avatar Barb

Woo hoo! I just saved 15% on my Verizon bill. Thanks, Flexo!

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