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Just Arrived: Quinn’s Smart and Simple

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I arrived home from work tonight to find on my doorstep a preview copy of Jane Bryant Quinn’s new book, Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People, which will be released on January 3. This is an interesting coincidence as I am, in fact, a busy person. I will read through the book in the next few days (no promises as far as exact timing) and write up my thoughts.

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avatar jim

I feel like the kid that was never invited to the party… I got The Number but none since. Boo! I hate those books already!

avatar Cap

hah. what party? lol.

avatar FMF

You’re a step ahead of me! It’s probably because I ask for audio versions (which are produced later) so I can get through them faster. I’ll do Jane’s book as well, then probably Eric Tyson’s new one. Lots of fun stuff coming up, huh? ;-)

avatar FMF

Jim — I’ll send you my copies once I’m done with them (in 3-4 years). Ha!