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Knockoffs and Other Bits

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See, I told you I couldn’t stay away for long. Here are some interesting links I came across today:

* The Flickr tag: knockoff. First of all, Flickr is a photograph sharing site where items are “tagged” with a category. The “knockoff” category is a repository for photographs of generic consumer products that are designed to look like their brand-name counterparts.
* Dan Bricklin, the guy who invented the electronic spreadsheet (think: Microsoft Excel), produces podcasts now (among other things). Here is his recording setup.
* Here’s an interesting search concept: Yahoo Mindset. Search the web using terms as usual, then pull the slider from one direction (shopping) to another (researching). It’s search based on intent.

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avatar Darren R. Sussman

It’s funny to me that you have a link to the “knockoff” thing at Flickr, and then a link to the guy’s recording setup which uses a Behringer mixer, a company that is very well known for taking other people’s products and putting their name on it.