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Deep Throat
* Tips for blogging productively. Here are some good tips, many of which I should consider. Most regular readers of this site are fellow bloggers. Check it. [Seen on All Things Financial]
* Some like it hot, and some don’t. Home prices increased in Florida, California, and the north east, while Canton and Syracuse showed some decline.
* W. Mark Felt is Deep Throat. This is not porn-related. At least, with the mug on this guy, I hope not.
* Hai Tieu, a millionaire teacher in the making. The introductory paragraph in this story was written to me. He’s making his way with a $60,000 salary and by renting out part of his home.
* ClearChannel launches a “pirate” radio station… and asks for donations! Their website was taken down once word got out, but some text is mirrored.

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