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Live Cheap, Look Rich

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MSN Money – 9 ways to look rich but live cheap

This article offers some tips on how to live a rich lifestyle while not having to spend much money. I’ll revisit this later.

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avatar Darren R. Sussman

Wow…there’s a lot of things with this article that I either didn’t like or disagree with. For instance:

“The payments for a brand-new Honda were the same. But in five years, that Honda won’t be worth as much as my BMW. The BMW will last longer, it’s higher quality, it’s got more style.�

I have a hard time believing that the BMW will last longer, or that it at least won’t end up costing more in repairs.

“Rich people are too well-bred to be rude.�

Total bulls**t.

“His surveys have found that adding kids to your life (or not having them at all) didn’t seem to change people’s happiness one way or the other.”

Umm…so this article is basically saying that there’s no reason to have kids. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

avatar Claire

I thought this article was great – very useful for me. Not everyone may agree with it’s contents so pluck out what you don’t like and keep the rest!

avatar mike

Uhh while i dont agree with the child point, alot of well to do people arent rude, especially people born into it, there are some, but each case is diff

avatar Gayle

Rich people are too well-bred to be rude! Ha! what a joke! My daughter and I were just commenting after a shopping trip to an upscale mall how RUDE the rich people were that were there. We decided that we are not going to move out of the way when they try to run us over. Ha! You EARN class, you aren’t born into it. You might be just as happy without children, but you won’t have near the fun!