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Make Sure You Really Want to Jailbreak Your iPhone

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If you heard about it at all, you heard right: it’s no longer illegal to jailbreak your iPhone. That means you can install any app you want on it, regardless of whether it exists in the official App Store. But according to Apple, this will void your warranty, so proceed with caution.

I’d recommend looking through what I think is the repository of apps newly available to the jailbroken. Unfortunately, since it’s not the App Store, it’s disorganized and difficult to browse. I searched for apps related to money, or banks, or finances, and didn’t see anything particularly useful. You’ll be weeding through a lot of wallpapers, themes and ringtones.

But there are a few compelling reasons to break the iPhone out of jail, such as using FaceTime over 3G. CNET’s Brian Tong goes over some more good reasons and the entire simplified jailbreaking process in the video below:

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avatar FD

I’ve been debating whether to do this to my new iphone for a while. The video said that you can “un-jailbreak” your phone by reconnecting it to the computer. Would this be a way to keep your warranty if something happens to the phone?

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avatar Jenna

I tend to error on the side of caution, but there are plenty of apps available at the App Store, why would someone want to void the warranty and do this?

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avatar kain

apple wouldnt allow this cause u can get all the payed apps free
and it always has voided ur warrenty but if uwant it back just restore
i have taken my jailbroken iphone into a store bfore and they didnt care
its only there job its not like they own the company
most people who work in apple stores jailbreak there devices

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