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Microsoft Money 2004

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Over the last couple of days, Microsoft has released their new version of their personal finance software, Microsoft Money 2004. PC Magazine has already reviewed this updated version. They seemed to be quite happy.

I’ve used both Intuit’s Quicken 2003 and Money 2003 (concurrently) to compare the two pieces of software, and unlike many people I do like Microsoft’s product better. However, I installed Money 2004′s Free Trial and was not impressed. There seems to be very few improvements and bug fixes over the 2003 version which I have been using for almost a year. My advice is that if you have Money 2003 and are happy with it, there is no need to buy the upgrade.

I can think of one feature in Quicken I would like to see in Money; namely, on every screen in Quicken no matter where you navigate, you can always see your net worth and its breakdown. I would like to see this information added to the sidebar in Money. There is room available so I cannot think of a good reason for its absence.

CNet does not yet have a review of the software online, although they do have a release announcement claiming, “Money hasn’t posed a significant threat to Quicken, which accounts for more than 85 percent of the market.”

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