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The writer behind PFBlog.com has an interesting idea which will get more people blogging about personal finance. He has created the “PFBlog Network,” the purpose of which is creating a central location for personal finance blogs, hosted on MM’s domain.

I’m trying out the Network with the intent of discovering whether it can drive more traffic to my site. My plan is to feature selected posts from this blog on my PFBlog Network counterpart with the hope that readers will click through to here.

It is early in the test phase of the program and a formal announcement will be made about the project when it is ready. I will continue to test out the program to see if it will generate visitors for me.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that in the end, it doesn’t really matter. It would be great to have more visitors, but I’m writing Consumerism Commentary for myself. I’m not a professional blogger and I don’t want to be; at the moment I don’t have the time necessary to put into generating more revenue for the site.

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avatar Dawn

The best thing is writing for yourself at all times, in my opinion. It isn’t personal finance if it becomes bland with no personality :D