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Money Advice From Meg Tilly: Chinese Takeout

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Meg TillyYesterday, I shared some quick quotations from celebrities about managing money. I liked what several of them had to say, but I’m focusing on Meg Tilly. Here’s part of what she said regarding her life after appearing in Fame.

When I danced in “Fame” that was more money than I’d ever seen. It was like, “Holy cow!” I saved most of it, but I did splurge a little. If we had a really long day shoot where we were dancing on concrete all day, I would go to a Chinese takeout and get beef with broccoli — and that would last for several dinners. Otherwise, I would get a big chicken and make a big soup out of it, and that would last me for a week. That’s how I kept my expenses down in New York.

Her comment about Chinese takeout rings true. I often do this. One combination dinner is not expensive and it usually lasts two to three days. The meal includes a main dish like chicken or beef accompanied by pork fried rice, an eggroll, and soup. I wouldn’t say it’s the most frugal dining choice, but it is very tasty, even on the second or third night. Just remember to reheat the dinner in the oven, not the microwave.

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avatar justanotherblogger

Why reheat it in a oven and not a microwave?

Is it a health reason? Or a cost issue?

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avatar Luke Landes

For me, neither. It’s a taste issue. In the microwave, the food tends to lose moisture, texture and taste. It’ll do if I’m in a rush, but eating is a much more pleasurable experience when the food tastes good.

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avatar Linda

I do this too. I do it with giant $3 burritos too (from this fast food-ish place in Utah called Beto’s). And takeout is better for another reason: no need to pay tip. =)

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avatar Ricky

im with Meg on the soup, when im low on money. I buy a big roast if its on sale
or a chicken, I always have frozen veggies in the freezer and beef and chicken bouillon cubes in the cupboard.
so I cook up the roast or chicken
save the stock for soup. save some of the meat for sandwiches for lunches
take the rest of the beef or chicken, add more water, the stock and cubes and every veggie I have on hand be it fresh or frozen or both! and make a big pan of soup that will last me a week.I like it and don’t really get bored and its nutritious to boot!

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