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Money Magazine’s 50 Smartest Things

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There’s a new feature on CNN Money from Money Magazine: 50 Smartest Things to Do With Your Money. I’d like to have a look through and evaluate their advice, but that’s going to take a little more time than I can spare while I’m in the office.

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avatar keith

Under Savvy consumer moves:
I agree never pay for a late fee or annual fee. Be polite tell, tell the customer service rep that you have a new card and you want to close your account because of this late fee. Hopefully you don’t have regular late fees. This won’t work if you do. But if you have one or two late fees this will work. They normally are authorized to delete one late fee. Good luck.

Credit Card Offers

avatar jim

That’s where the savings in cost of automating their customer service actually cost them a customer…

avatar FMF

It’s pretty basic stuff, and you’d likely agree with most of it.

avatar Darren R. Sussman

It’s funny, Keith. I had a credit card that charged me an annual fee, and when I got the statement with that fee on it, I was annoyed. So I called the company figuring that I would tell them that I was planning on cancelling the card and that they would credit me back the annual fee. Unfortunately, it was an entirely automated system, and there was no chance, at any point, to talk to an actual person. So the end result was that I did end up cancelling the card, but only after paying the fee. It just didn’t have the same level of satisfaction. It actually felt like I was letting them win, somehow…

avatar keith

Daren. Wasn’t there anyway through the automated system to speak to someone. If not you probably just want to dump that credit card company.

Credit Card Offers

avatar Darren R. Sussman

Yeah, I kept trying to get to an actual person. I even just tried hitting 0 when I was given options, but none of that worked. Before I knew it, I was in a menu cancelling my card, and that was it. I mean, yes, you are correct that I’m better off without that company, anyway, but the point is I would have liked to have gotten the fee removed and THEN cancelled the card, instead of paying an annual fee immediately before cancelling the card.