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More Security at Citibank’s Credit Card Access Site

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As I logged into Citibank’s credit card website to review their extended warranty offer, I was presented with the option to assign new security questions, whose answers may be verified occasionally. I could have postponed changing the security settings, but after a few visits to the website, it would be mandatory.

I also noticed CitiBank will be redesigning the interface for the credit card website with a “fresh look and improved navigation” in 2007.

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avatar Nick

They had some really dumb questions in one of the sets. I’m afraid I’ll forget the answer because they’re questions I never really think about or whose answers change from time to time.

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avatar Luke Landes ♦127,645 (Platinum)

I’m not a fan of the options either. Is there more security in asking a question whose answer may change over time? I suppose there could be, but it’s a huge annoyance for the customer.

At least most websites do not require your basic password to change every 30 days like every application in my office…

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avatar k m

It is just annoying. I’m gonna to call Citi that I do not want all these personal questions. If they do not want to offer me online access without it I can always switch to another card and not give them my business any more.

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avatar Dan Guy

As someone who does almost all of my banking online, I’m glad that several of the credit card companies are starting to put added security on their websites. The answers to the questions used, are ones that only I would know, thereby hindering any would-be hackers.

My hat is off to Citi, and others like them! Thanks!

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