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Most and Least Affordable Cities

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A new survey from Salary.com determines which cities provide its residents with the most and least value for your salary.

To spoil the fun, here are the results. The five most affordable cities are New London, Connecticut; Huntsville, Alabama; Baltimore, Maryland; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is an interesting collection. Out of these five, I would consider only Baltimore for myself. Perhaps I should look at some jobs.

The next five affordable cities are Rock Island, Illinois; Troy, New York; Corpus Christi, Texas; Schenectady, New York; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The five least affordable cities are New York; San Francisco; Stamford, Connecticut; San Jose, California; and San Diego. There’s nothing surprising here. The next five are Santa Barbara; Bakersfield, California; Los Angeles; Fresno, California; and Boston.

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avatar jim

Baltimore, like every major metropolitan area, has some really really nice areas and some downright crime-ridden, scary places. Some of the housing prices have become absolutely ridiculous but the cost of living in general is pretty low and reasonable. I like it in Baltimore and the uppity DC folks are just around the corner. :)

avatar Anonymous

Hey, I live in a suburb of Tulsa. It’s a very beautiful place to live.