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Mr. Housing Bubble

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Whether or not there exists a housing bubble, t-shirthumor.com stands to win with a hot t-shirt design that’s affordable for any over-extended homeowner facing foreclosure.

The design is a box of “Mr. Housing Bubble” soap with a “Free Balloon Mortgage Inside” and a tagline inviting you to take a bath in the real estate market. Mr. Bubble warns us that if he pops, we’re SCREWED.

The popularity of the shirt (and the various similarly logo’d items) has drawn the ire of the Realty Times newsletter with an article that begins:

Constant talk about a housing bubble could single-handedly cause housing prices to moderate or dip, as the financial press attempts to worry the nation into shifting its money from real estate back into stocks.

There seems to be enough chatter on both sides of the debate to warrant more confusion and no clear changes in the housing market for a while, but someday, someone will look back on their predictions and be right, and someone will look back and realize they were incorrect.

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