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My Commuter Has a Code

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In New York and New Jersey, more than one out of every 25 workers has a commute of 90 minutes or more. The Census Bureau released its report on commuting yesterday, and the New York Times picked up the story.

The chart to the right shows the top commutation times by state, and inside the report you can find more interesting statistics.

My commute is 60 to 70 minutes in the morning but usually less at night since I often stay at the office late, especially towards the beginning and end of each month. In fact, I left at about 8:00 last night.

Here’s a New York fact: Among the 10 counties with the highest average commuting times, the highest percentages of extreme commuters [with drive times over 90 minutes] were found in the New York City metro area: Richmond, N.Y. (11.8 percent); Orange, N.Y. (10.0 percent); Queens, N.Y. (7.1 percent); Bronx, N.Y. (6.9 percent); Nassau, N.Y., (6.6 percent); and Kings, N.Y. (5.0).

What about shortest commutes? Worker bees in Corpus Christi, Texas commute an average of 16.1 minutes.

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avatar Neville Medhora

I’ve got 10 letters for you: MOTORCYCLE

In Texas they made it legal for motorcycles to drive in between slow-moving traffic :)