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My Stimulus Payment Check Arrived, Now What?

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For those of you still concerned about receiving your economic stimulus payment, don’t give up hope. Last week, I received a letter from the United States Treasury informing me my wait would soon be over. The letter indicated that I can expect my payment of $600 (which was accurately predicted by the stimulus payment calculator) by May 23. I also knew that I would be receiving a check rather than a direct deposit because I had tax due when filing my return earlier this year.

May 23 came and went. I didn’t receive the check in the mail. While the government did send 1,500 payments to the wrong accounts via direct deposit, I maintained hope that my check would arrive safely, if a little late.

When I arrived home today, my payment was waiting for me in the mailbox. Here is the proof.

Economic Stimulus Payment Envelope

Economic Stimulus Payment Check

Now I need to decide what to do with the money. Paying down my student loan debt is probably the most prudent option, but I have been eying a new telephoto zoom lens. This check would get me halfway there.

Has anyone put their stimulus payment to good use yet?

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avatar Tiffany

I’m not exactly answering the question, since I haven’t received mine yet, but I’m getting married later this year, am getting new windows, and have accumulated a little bit of credit card debt. So it’s going to one of those (probably the credit card).

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avatar Aryn

Ours paid off our last credit card debt, or, depending on how you look at it, it helped pre-pay our December vacation. I’m sure Bush would like to say it paid for the vacation, but sadly for him, it’s a foreign vacation. So, either we paid off debt or sent the money to another country.

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avatar Tom

Might I suggest that you at least blur out the check numbers as well? I can’t quite think of what nefarious things could be done with it, but someone on the intarwebs probably can.

As for what I did with mine, since I owed on taxes this year I counted it towards that and then sent the difference (about $150) to T Rowe Price for my Roth. Very exciting, I know.

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avatar Luke Landes

Tom: Good point. I’ve blurred out the check number and IRS bank account number to be on the safe side. The routing number left behind is standard for the U.S. Treasury, so I didn’t bother blurring that.

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avatar matty dread

flexo, you seem to have your stuff in order, you are making great progress, you are providing advice and help to others….

I say telephoto lens. it will be a blip on the radar screen for you in 10 years…you know what the prudent decision is, and that in itself allows you to make the fun decision in my book.

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avatar Lilo

:( Still waiting for my paper check due on June 6th. I keep running to the mail box everday to be sadly disappointed. My mom recieved her paper check a week ahead of time, so I have been hopefull.

I guess having 3 kids has paid off for once. We did recieve a notice that we will be getting $2100 (BY June 6th). We paln to pay a few credit cards that we charged needed car repairs on, catch up a few bills and then finally our civic duty and go out to dinner –and order dessert! Also we were planning on buying a $600 electronic drum set for my son…if there is any money left! So basically we aren’t saving a penny, but that wasn’t the goal right?

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avatar Carol

I work fulltime and earn $13,000 dollars per year, that is $7.25 per hour. I have had the same job for 12 years. Is this sad money or what? I am graduating from college next week and hope to find a job that pays more. The point is my stimulus check is going to be for $300. Gee what am I going to do with it. That will fill up my tank about 3.5 times. Those of us who have no children and struggle and fight to earn money, I don’t receive any help. Finding money for toilet paper and bread can be issues. My 84 year old mother lives with me and I help care for her. Yeah, $300 what will I do?

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avatar Lilo

Obviously you are some sort of saint. Such a small income AND you care for your mom! Do you do social work or some sort of humanitarian work of some type? $7.25 is below minimum wage where I live. Congrats on your graduation. I am sure your degree will help you. Hand in there because what goes around comes around and someday you will be rewarded.

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avatar Carmen

Well i finally received mine, i was very disappointed. I figured my husband and i would get $600 each, we ended up only getting $600 together! What the hell?! I mean we make about $28,000 together, we are working full time and obviously we are struggling. What does it take to get a descent stimulus check?! I’m sorry but i’m so upset about this… i need to blow some steam here! lol i was hoping to go to spain, this amount of money would not even get me on the 2nd airplane (i’m riding in 3)!

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avatar Nurse

We should be getting 1800 – we have been married 10 years, and I distinctly remember birthing 3 kids. Over the past 3 years, we have had some financial struggles (I am odff work due to my child’s illness and my own). Our last two years we have made less than 20k each year; however that is without food stamps because for that we did not qualify. Medicaid did not pay for ANYTHING that my child with epilpsy is on, or 90% of my asthma medications.
OK – point being. Our check is to be mailed out next week. The status shows that we get only half for married couple (600 instead of 1200) and only 2 kids qualify. According to the rules, we fall into ALL the qualifying categories. DID the government NOT expect to actually pay all this? I think that is the problem. I really believe the under estimated how much funds they needed. LOL – can I take 600 off my 2008 taxes as a government charity?

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avatar Lazy Man

I’m a little late to read this, but we still haven’t received our checks yet. I’m starting to be a little scared that we didn’t get it a whole month after you were worried about not getting it.

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avatar Randy

I got my $600. Believe me, I appreciate the effort, but it’s already gone. Between auto property taxes and tags, doctor bill, filling the gas tank, auto insurance, it was all gone in a day, or less.
I don’t know whom I was supposed to stimulate. Walmart got nothing of it. Now, have to buy shingles, to replace the ones that blew away last night, and the frontend on my auto has a little shake in it, have no idea what that’s going to cost.
I’m hoping they’ll give me another chance, with another stimulus payment.

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