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There’s a new web tool in beta called NetWorthIQ. Its purpose is to allow people (anonymously, if they wish) to share their net worth and track their finances month after month, similar to the way I do at Consumerism Commentary.

NetWorthIQ has potential. I signed up and entered my net worth in less than two minutes, and by doing so, my public profile was created. One of the features still in development is the ability to compare progress between individuals of like age, educational level or job function.

I would like to watch the service as it grows. Perhaps it is something that can be integrated into my monthly review process. Here’s one suggestion for improvement: I’d like to see configurable and categorizable items rather than the hardcoded items currently included.

By the way, there’s a NetWorthIQ blog (of course).

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avatar Hazzard

Thanks for the tip Flexo. I just set mine up as well.



avatar Roland

This is cool! I can see that it’s a work in progress, but I find it very useful. Can’t wait to see more people sign up and see where I stand.

avatar Jeff

I, like probably every other personal finance blogger, wish I thought of that.


avatar Ryan Williams


Thanks for the excellent review. It’s great to see people getting use out of it already.

Appreciate the comments here too guys. You know, I got chills when I thought of the idea, but wasn’t sure if I was getting sick or was on to something :-)