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New $5 Bill Now in Circulation: Is it Time to Revalue the Dollar?

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I’m a fan of paper money less than I am of coins, but I still like to take notice whenever any currency is redesigned. The $5 bill is the latest to get a make-over to thwart counterfeiters and to keep things interesting. Apparently counterfeiters prefer to bleach current $5 and reprint images of $100 bills on the paper for a tidy profit. The new watermarks on the $5 bill should prevent this.

Here is the new design.

New $5 bill design

These colorful bills entered circulation last Thursday, but I have not seen one just yet. Personally, I’d like to see more artistic designs — on bills as well as coins. I’d also like to see elimination of the one-cent piece and the one dollar bill. I’ll go out on a limb and even consider revaluation of the US dollar in such a way that today’s $1 becomes the “new $0.10″ and today’s $10 becomes the “new $1″ and so forth. It sounds crazy, but I’d like to see this before it costs $100 to see a movie in a theater.

U.S. unveils new $5 bill to thwart counterfeiters [Reuters]

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avatar ~Dawn

What coins do you collect? I’m more partial to the pre-64 coins myself.

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avatar Llama Money

90% silver coins are a great way to build up a silver collection. Me, I only have Silver and Gold eagles so far… need to hunt down some old 90% coins one of these days. As for bills, meh. I rarely have more than a handful of bills at a time… any large purchases are made with a credit card. They could make the $5 bills purple and pink for all it matters to me.

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avatar Seb

I would love to see the dollar bill go away and be replaced with a coin. But unfortunately, the U.S. public sees differently. Except for use as tokens to ride the T into Boston, I hardly ever see dollar coins anywhere.

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avatar Anca

My only experience with revaluation is from when Romania (where I’m from) decided to take off 4 zeros from the end of its money: http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Romania_redenominates_its_currency

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avatar Hobbs

The more worthless the currency, the more attractive the engraving. At the rate that the Federal reserve is throwing the currency “under the bus” I am looking forward to female nudes being featured on the currency. Perhaps Elliot Spitzer’s girl, Kristen, could grace the $1000 bill and Scarlet Johanson could appear on the new $5,000- this might slow down the velocity of money and prevent hyperinflation!.

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avatar BenG

Hobbs –

You realize America has already HAD currency with nude females on it? Check out the amazing “educational series” currency from the 19th century.

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avatar Khyron

Revaluing? Are you sick? Is this Venezuela? Can we at least keep up the illusion of a non-socialist state until I leave?

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