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New Personal Finance Blog on the Horizon?

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Weblogs, Inc. will apparently be starting a personal finance blog, most likely with the hopes of generating ad revenue. I’ll be keeping my eyes open to see what direction their blog takes. It makes sense; personal finance blogs have received some friendly press from the Wall Street Journal print and online editions lately. A smart corporation built around profits from weblogging should want to cash in on that press, using their already high standing in the “market” to their benefit.

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avatar Ryan Williams

I blogged this as well this morning and am also curious about what direction the WIN blog will take. I wonder if they’ve approached any of you pf bloggers yet, or if they’re going to bring in new ones.

I hope they don’t do like they did with the mortgages weblog though, which hasn’t had any real content in months.

avatar MM @ PFBlog.com

Same for the personal finance weblog from creative weblogging. really a hired gun will soon lose drive to blog for long.