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New RSS Feed and Audio Feed

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I am now using FeedBurner to generate Consumerism Commentary’s RSS feed. If you already subscribe, you will see no change since the feeds are autoamtically redirected.

I’ve also begun adding audio clips to some blog entries. They can be downloaded directly from this site or you can subscribe to them. They function as podcasts so you can listen to the audio on your computer or portable player at your leisure. I hope to expand this function later on. For more information on podcasts, check this article or download iPodder (no iPod required).

Also: Blogger Jason Kottke updates his readers on the success of his micropatron fund drive. It’s a money-making plan that can work for only the most popular bloggers.

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avatar nickel

I, too, opted to run my feeds through FeedBurner. However, I wasn’t fully comfortable with handing over readers hook, line and sinker. Thus, I opted to continue using my own feed address, and to redirect it be editing my .htaccess file (I believe that this assumes that you’re on an Apache server). For a quick rundown of the instructions visit this guys blog:


This has the added benefit of automagically ‘switching’ all of your existing subscribers to FeedBurner without making them do anything, *and* it ensures that your feed count is accurate.

Check out my site and click on one of the subscribe links (and feel free so subscribe while you’re at it!). You’ll notice that the urls still specify my domain, but you’ll end up with the FeedBurner feed.


or go direct to the feed at:


And if I ever decide that I no longer like FeedBurner, I just just change the redirect without the risk of losing readers because the link changed. I highly recommend it.


Financial Cognition @ http://www.pfblog.com/recog

avatar Luke Landes


The steps for redirection you describe are what I have already done. I’ll edit the post to note that the old XML links should be used.

avatar nickel

Sorry… I somehow managed to skip right over the second sentence…