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Newark Liberty International Airport Has the Highest Fares

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The same day I purchased airfare from New Jersey to California for what I thought was one of the better rates I’ve found in the past decade or so, I came across statistics showing that New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport sports some of the highest fares in the country for the past two years, and this is expected to get worse this summer. It may not be fair to compares fares for an airport that has major business with global airlines with an airport in the middle of the country that has no international routes. The number of flights headed overseas may skew the data.

Through traveling and use of my Chase Continental Airlines OnePass Plus rewards credit card, I have more than 100,000 miles to use. I could have used my miles to pay for this flight, but that would have sliced my balance in half. I’d rather use miles for a fare upgrade. Unfortunately, for flying across the country, I can’t upgrade to BusinessFirst without paying a significant fee in addition to using miles.

Despite my anecdotal experience with lower rates that usual for my typical route, particularly considering I was booking within the traditional six-week window of higher fares, on average, travelers are seeing higher fares. The airlines are experiencing higher fuel costs and have no choice but to pass these expenses onto customers.

Do you plan to fly this summer as part of your travel or vacation plans? Are you expecting and planning for higher traveling expenses?

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avatar wylerassociate

I don’t know if you can compare an international airport like Newark compared to a smaller airport like Phoenix where I fly out of regularly. I’m planning to fly this summer & never shocked when airlines raise fares and airports raise rates for food or parking.

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avatar Ceecee

If I do fly I will check the fares out of Atlantic City and Philly too. A lot of people find better fares out of Philly and it isn’t much farther away. Gas is supposedly going down, for now.

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avatar No Debt MBA

I’m flying to see family this weekend and was pleasantly surprised by my ticket’s price, but I haven’t paid for my own flights in a while. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be flying any where this summer – it will depend on what ticket prices are like.

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avatar Krantcents

I live between two airports (Burbank & Los Angeles) and I check both for the fare differences. If it is enough of a difference, I will use LAX. Los Angeles to JFK has been pretty competitive over the years. Depending on the fares, we may use miles to visit New York this year.

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avatar shellye

I would like to go to Ireland this summer; there are some great travel deals to be had once you’re over there. But getting there is a challenge; airfare prices continue to rise, and I’ve calculated that all the money I could save once in Ireland would be spent on airfare. So I’m holding off for a while.

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avatar lynn

I fly out of Syracuse. The fares are close to double those in Rochester. Go figure. They say it’s a business hub, but I don’t see many jobs in Syracuse.

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