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There are many notable news stories today. Here’s a look:

* Bank of New York confesses to money laundering and will pay $38 million to avoid prosecution. They probably made billions of dollars during the 1990s in their schemes involving Russia. As my coworker pointed out, that’s not such a bad return.

* The car model stolen most often during 2004 was the 1995 Honda Civic. A car is stolen in the United States every 25 seconds. In unimportant news, Harry Potter’s flying car has also been stolen.

* Two major television networks will start selling episodes of their programs as on-demand $0.99 purchases. I’d prefer downloads, a la iTunes, but is it worth it to spend a few bucks to catch up on the current season of The West Wing? If the downloads are DVD quality and I can burn them to DVD, perhaps.

* The euro is at a two-year low against the dollar.

* CEOs like blogs , but do they like mine?

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avatar Caitlin

“selling” is a rather generous description ;) seems more like they are “renting” you the show for 24hrs for 99c

I’m happy to see this model gain some steam, but I also much prefer to pay $1.99 and actually own it.

And I don’t have comcast or DirectTV (and this wouldn’t sway me to comcast either)