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No More Promotional Price for Comcast High-Speed Internet

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Comcast logoAt the beginning of the month, I mentioned I had been getting 12 Mbps cable internet for $29.99 a month. Download speeds average between 10 and 12 Mbps. The promotion has elapsed and I’m now being charged $52.95, the normal price for the “ultra-fast” 8 Mbps connection.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the pain of my reduced cable television. I’m only paying $16 a month, but I’m only getting 30 channels. I don’t watch television often, but sometimes I wish I had a better selection. I have no Comedy Central, no permium movie channels.

Meanwhile, I’m also paying for Netflix every month, yet I haven’t watched many movies. Perhaps now, without having to do classwork every night, I’ll be able to enjoy more “Flexo time.”

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avatar Nick

Perhaps now, without having to do classwork every night, I’ll be able to enjoy more “Flexo time.”

No! That time belongs to us! Blog till your fingers BLEEEEEED!!! :)

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avatar Hazzard

Call Comcast. In the phone tree, go to “cancel my account”. That will take you to the retention line. Tell them that you found the connection usable, but now that the price has gone up you are questioning whether it’s worth it. Also, tell them that the DSL in your area is far cheaper and since you don’t really use the speed that Comcast gives you, you are considering going to DSL. Ask them if they have a slower, less expensive speed that is more competitive with DSL.

It has worked EVERY time I have called and I’ve got my price at $29.99

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avatar Luke Landes

I haven’t decided if I’m going to do the negotiation. I do want the “ultra-fast” high speed, and DSL — if it is even offered yet in my area, which lagged behind the rest of the state — cannot compare.

However, when FIOS comes to town, there’s going to be a showdown…

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avatar Frugal Duchess

We’re thinking about getting Netflix and I’m curious about the real savings vs. perceived savings. A neighbor of mine likes it and raves. In the meantime, we have great luck with free movies from the library. But when we’re late with returns, the library fees add up.

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avatar jim

Just cancel and get your girlfriend to sign up for you, you can get the $75 rebate again too.

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avatar Chris

Regarding Netflix, if you watch DVDs regularly Netflix is *well* worth it. They have a much larger selection than your local Blockbuster or Hollywood, and the convenience of having them arrive and depart via U.S. mail can’t be matched. Also, no late fees; send it back when you’re done with it! We’re currently on the three-out-at-a-time plan ($17.99/month plus sales tax).

Prices and Plans

Do the math. If you watch movies even semi-regularly, compared to seeing movies in a theater at $7-$10 per head you come out way ahead, and the food is better at home. :) If comparing against your local video stores, don’t forget to account for the cost of gas to get there and back, as well as the cost of your time.

Also, if you like documentaries, Netflix wins again. They have a *huge* selection, practically anything that is available. My girlfriend and I watch Netflix DVDs almost exclusively. We’d drop cable TV altogether if we could (stuck with condo building bulk contract). The only time we use our TV for TV is when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are on. :) (Although I really need to catch Andre Agassi’s U.S. Open matches this week. He’s on a roll!)

Not affiliated with Netflix in any way; just a satisifed customer.

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