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Overpriced Cities

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According to Forbes, here are the top ten overpriced cities in the United States. The ranking takes cost of living, job growth, income growth, and housing prices into account. Here’s the list:

1. Seattle, Washington
2. New York, New York
3. Portland, Oregon
4. Chicago, Illinois
5. San Jose, California
6. Bergen and Passaic Counties, New Jersey
7. San Francisco, California
8. Middlesex County, New Jersey (this is where I live)
9. Denver, Colorado
10. Los Angeles, California

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avatar mmb

Wow, I now have the dubious honor of living in THE most overpriced city!

avatar Hazzard

No wonder everything is so expensive around here…..

On the plus side though, it makes moving to a cheaper area after I retire, much easier…..


avatar Scott S.

That’s why we have to come here and find ways to save money.

avatar Jeff

Living in Manhattan, I can’t imagine there being a city more expensive. I really feel for people living in Seattle. Bad weather and the highest cost of living in the country: what’s the draw?


avatar Jerry Kindall

Note that the Forbes list is not the “most expensive” but the “most overpriced.” That is, I’m sure Manhattan is more expensive than Seattle in absolute terms. But if you’re living in Manhattan it’s because you can afford it, so your housing-to-salary ratio is probably less steep than in Seattle.

Contrary to popular belief, hte weather in Seattle is great. It rarely gets too cold or too hot. Sure, it rains a lot, but that’s because it rarely gets below freezing. Last year I had to brush (not scrape) snow off my car exactly once. If you count snow, NYC actually gets about seven more inches of precipitation on average than Seattle. But, as they say out here, you don’t have to shovel rain.

Plus, you’ll only want air conditioning about a week a year — many of the homes here don’t even have a/c. It’s late July and 71 degrees… ahhh.