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Podcast 10: Jim Wang From Grill Maestro and Business Success Blogger Erica Douglass

by Luke Landes

In the tenth episode of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Tom Dziubek interviews Jim Wang and Erica Douglass. Jim Wang is the creator of Bargaineering and Grill Maestro, and in today’s interview, Tom and Jim discuss a variety of tips for creating a successful and frugal barbecue for July 4. Erica Douglass is a business success ... Continue reading this article…

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Do You Want RFID in Your Mobile Phone?

by Smithee

Håkan Djuphammar, VP of Systems Architecture for Ericsson, made a prediction recently that all new mobile phones sold after Summer 2010 would have two-way RFID chips in them that would allow them to act as a tag or a reader. If what you just read sounds like technobabble, watch this short news excerpt to get ... Continue reading this article…

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Ten Things You Should Do When You Get Laid Off

by Luke Landes

Overall, the worst of the economic recession may be over in terms of unemployment. If it isn’t, or even if it is, many companies are still struggling as they find ways to cut costs. The next expense that might be cut could be your job. If you receive the pink slip after missing the signs ... Continue reading this article…

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Survey Reveals Gender Gap in High School Seniors’ Financial Literacy?

by Luke Landes

Or maybe not. Capital One conducted a survey of high school seniors to determine how many of these young adults are prepared to handle finances on their own. The company asked the students to rate their own levels of knowledge of personal finance. The results may be interesting, but they don’t reveal anything about financial ... Continue reading this article…

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Goals Bring About Real Results

by Jeff

Do you have a 5-year financial plan? What about just a general idea? Do you know where you want to be financially in 25 years? Have you ever set a financial goal? If you decided you wanted to save $5,000 this year, could you do it? Far too often we get into situations where we ... Continue reading this article…

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Citigroup Employees to Receive 50% Pay Raise

by Luke Landes

After receive bailouts from the government on two separate occasions, Citigroup has announced that it will be increasing its expense for the salaries of the company’s rank-and-file employees, not upper management, by 50 percent. This will be a nice benefit, designed to compensate employees for smaller bonuses and raises last year. The government’s new “pay ... Continue reading this article…

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U.S. Will Likely Drop Case Against Swiss Bank Accounts

by Luke Landes

In February, I wrote that the United States was suing Swiss bank UBS in order to get the offshore institution to release the names of the wealthiest 19,000 of the 52,000 American bank account owners. These depositors have managed to evade paying United States income taxes on the interest earned within these foreign accounts. The ... Continue reading this article…

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The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

by Smithee

A new law signed by the president yesterday gives the Food and Drug Administration the ability to regulate the tobacco industry. The primary focus of the law is to stop cigarette companies from aggressively marketing to children. To that end, it will soon be illegal to: sell candy-flavored and fruit-flavored cigarettes put tobacco company logos ... Continue reading this article…

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Emotional Barriers to Negotiating and Haggling

by Luke Landes

It is in any consumer’s best interest to try to get the lowest price on all purchases, yet haggling, negotiating, or bargaining, at least in my culture, is not a social norm. Other than in specific situations such as buying a car that is not a “non-negotiable” brand like Saturn or Scion, haggling is uncommon. ... Continue reading this article…

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Podcast 9: Penelope Trunk from Brazen Careerist and Leo Babauta from Zen Habits

by Luke Landes

Penelope Trunk and Leo Babauta are today’s guests on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast. Penelope Trunk is the author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success and founder of the career advancement website Brazen Careerist. Tom Dziubek and I speak with Penelope about maintaining careers in today’s recession and she presents a number of tips ... Continue reading this article…

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