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Credit Card Fair Fee Act of 2009

by Smithee

Businesses are hoping to get more bargaining power when it comes to how much they are charged to accept credit and debit card purchases. The Credit Card Fair Fee Act (read the whole bill), was reintroduced this year and is now being discussed in Congressional committees. I first heard about it when I was buying ... Continue reading this article…

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Still Having Problems With TIAA-Cref? Tell Us Now

by Luke Landes

On July 20, TIAA-Cref will be holding its annual participant meeting. There is an effort underway to encourage the company to be more socially responsible and accountable to its customers, and representatives will be attending the meeting to bring any common problems directly to the board’s attention. Are you having customer service problems with TIAA-Cref? ... Continue reading this article…

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EverBank’s Confusing Array of Interest Rates

by Luke Landes

I plan to open up an account with EverBank within the next week to take this bank for a test drive. I like what I see of EverBank’s interest rates, but I have to admit the structure is not as simple as I like to see. As of October 23, 2009 the savings product, “Yield ... Continue reading this article…

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Credit Card Issuers Making Life Tough For Consumers

by Luke Landes

Whether due to the economy or the impending regulation enacted within the Credit CARD Act of 2009, credit card companies are taking the opportunity to raise interest rates and minimum payments. This is perhaps an unintended consequence of increasing regulation. These changes affect consumers with manageable debt, but others who are trying to get out ... Continue reading this article…

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Dealing With Financial Mistakes

by Jeff

My wife and I went way over our budget in a couple of categories during June. Part of it was to be expected because I’m commuting to a new internship, and part of it was planned, but unfortunately, most of the over-spending can be chalked up to a simple fact: we made some spending mistakes. ... Continue reading this article…

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Discover as the Most Forgiving Credit Card

by Smithee recently completed a study of 20 different credit cards from 10 different issuers and concluded that if one of your priorities is a card which will forgive your human errors, Discover is probably the card to apply for (or not cancel). Looking at the fine print for one platinum card and one rewards car ... Continue reading this article…

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Kiplinger’s Best 529 College Savings Plans

by Luke Landes

Although I do not have children, I am considering starting to save for college. With the cost of tuition rising well above levels of inflation, the sooner I get started, even before any children exist, the higher the chance my child or children will be able to go to school without an insurmountable pile of ... Continue reading this article…

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How Much You Can Save By Using a Free Library

by Luke Landes

I am a typical American consumer. I buy books, music, and movies for my own entertainment, and the objects spend more time on my shelves than they do in their respective playback devices. I make an exception for music as everything I buy is almost immediately transcoded digitally and transfered to a portable media device. ... Continue reading this article…

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4 Important Tips for Graduates Beginning a First Real Full-Time Job

by Luke Landes

The summer following graduation is an interesting time for recently-former students. The newly-commenced young men and women, those not opting to pursue an additional number of years in an institution of higher learning, spend their time amongst activities such as attending backyard barbecues in celebration of their achievements, traveling to distant lands with newfound free ... Continue reading this article…

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Podcast 10: Jim Wang From Grill Maestro and Business Success Blogger Erica Douglass

by Luke Landes

In the tenth episode of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Tom Dziubek interviews Jim Wang and Erica Douglass. Jim Wang is the creator of Bargaineering and Grill Maestro, and in today’s interview, Tom and Jim discuss a variety of tips for creating a successful and frugal barbecue for July 4. Erica Douglass is a business success ... Continue reading this article…

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