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Pop Star Follies Part 2: Michael Jackson’s Foreclosure

by Luke Landes

We’ve been discussing Britney Spears’ reported poor financial management strategy lately. A recent court report described her overspending and lack of investment, although this may have been a part of her spousal support strategy. She must have financial advisers on her payroll, right? There must be more to the story. Nevertheless, I’m not stepping up ... Continue reading this article…

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The Decline and Fall of the U.S. Dollar

by Sasha

The U.S. dollar hit record lows today due to concerns that China might shift its foreign exchange holdings elsewhere. I’d been concerned before when I first heard that the Canadian dollar was ahead of our own, but today, The Guardian reported that the American dollar had reached a 26-year low against the British pound: By ... Continue reading this article…

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8 Secret Credit Scores You Don’t Know About

by Luke Landes

I’ve mentioned before that your income (or reported income) comes into play when you are offered credit. But wait! Your income isn’t considered when Fair Isaac Corporation calculates your credit score. We were discussing qualifying for mortgages at the time, but recent article from Liz Pulliam Weston confirms that credit card companies use some scoring ... Continue reading this article…

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Do You Get Vaccinated Against Influenza?

by Luke Landes

My company was offering vaccinations today for any employees wanting to gain protection from the flu this season. By the early afternoon, they ran out of vaccine and added another date a week from now to the schedule for those who did not get a chance. I’ve never opted for the flu vaccine. It has ... Continue reading this article…

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Higher Health Insurance Premiums for Overweight: Discrimination?

by Luke Landes

If you are seeking your own health insurance outside of an employer plan, your weight has a lot to do with the premium you’ll pay as well as your ability to even qualify for insurance. Insurance companies find this to be logical. Overweight individuals account for a higher percentage of health-related costs than they should, ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Blog Roundup II, Heroes (Season One) Edition

by Luke Landes

I’ve been a fan of the television show, Heroes, from the beginning of the first season, but my girlfriend is only a recent convert. We started viewing the first season in order with marathon sessions this past weekend, in between putting together report cards for her students. Here are some more recent articles from the ... Continue reading this article…

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The 6 Top Credit Cards for 0% APR on Purchases

by Luke Landes

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, these offers have expired and are no longer available. Updated March 20, 2008. If you manage your money well and can afford to do so, there’s nothing wrong with using 0 percent offers to make larger purchases. Taking this approach gives you two advantages: you can leave more of ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Income Statement, October 2007 (Net Income: $5,851)

by Luke Landes

This article is a companion to the personal balance sheet, posted earlier this morning. Inside, I take a look at my spending and income throughout the month of October. October was another fairly ordinary month, with only a couple of extra expenses included. After reviewing my expense categories for the month, I found a few ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Balance Sheet, October 2007 ($119,970, +6.4%)

by Luke Landes

For those of you new to Consumerism Commentary, one unique feature — in fact it was the original purpose for starting this blog — is the fact that I publish my financial reports at the end of each month. This post is my balance sheet, which measures my “modified net worth.” It’s a calculation of ... Continue reading this article…

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Grabbing the Last of the 5.65 APY CDs

by Sasha

Now that the Federal Reserve Board lowered the interest rate, it looks like we’re seeing the last of the 5.3 percent APY savings accounts, which appear to be a dying breed. I personally expect even these to disappear shortly; after all, why offer rates in the 5s when other banks are touting rates in the 4s ... Continue reading this article…

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