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Considering Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds

by Luke Landes

A few days ago, I mentioned I invested in the stock market at a low with money marked for an intermediate time horizon. I didn’t get the price I wanted, however. I initiated the $3,000 investment in VTSMX, the index fund following the total stock market, on Monday night following the stock market’s sharp decline. ... Continue reading this article…

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Subscribe to Consumerism Commentary

by Luke Landes

If you’re interested in getting on the waiting list for the ING Direct referrals, pay attention here. By subscribing to our RSS feed with feed-reading software such as Google Reader or aggregators such as My Yahoo, you’ll always be aware of new content here. If you prefer to have daily updates emailed directly to you, ... Continue reading this article…

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Acquisitions Continue: Citi Buys Wachovia

by Luke Landes

October 3 update: Wells Fargo has stepped in and placed a better offer for Wachovia. Wachovia is my main brick-and-mortar bank. The bank has held my primary, though small, savings and checking accounts for about fifteen years. During this time, it hasn’t always been known as Wachovia to me due to a series of mergers ... Continue reading this article…

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Is Anxiety Controlling Your Actions?

by Luke Landes

I don’t want to belittle the condition of the economy currently. Someone who is close to retirement may have just lost a significant portion of their intended source of income if invested solely in stocks. If you listen to the media and politicians, you might get the impression that the American public is “freaking out” ... Continue reading this article…

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Stock Market in Sharp Decline, Stocks on Sale?

by Luke Landes

Because I believe this economic crisis will end within the next few years or sooner, I took today’s 777+ point decline in the Dow and 8.8 percent decline in the S&P 500 as a sign that the stock market, as a whole is on sale. I opened an individual brokerage account at Vanguard after market hours ... Continue reading this article…

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House Rejects Bailout Bill

by Luke Landes

The stock market was hoping for good news today regarding the bailout bill. When the House of Representatives voted down the proposal which had support from only 60 percent of Democrats and 30 percent of Republicans, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 Index, and the price of oil dropped sharply. With pressure from the Executive branch, ... Continue reading this article…

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The $700 Bailout Bill Proposed By the Senate is Not Good Enough

by Luke Landes

In the original version of this article, I was under the impression that the Senate had passed this bill already. It hasn’t; they have only just released the details to the public. A vote will come later. Over the weekend as I watched the Mets end a frustrating season with a disappointing final series, the ... Continue reading this article…

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More ING Direct Bonuses Available and Weekend Blog Roundup

by Luke Landes

Once again, I’ve refreshed the list of ING Direct $25 bonus codes. This bonus is available to anyone looking to open a new account at ING Direct, one of the most popular high-yield savings accounts. These bonus codes are provided by Consumerism Commentary readers. Thanks to everyone who has helped another reader by sending in ... Continue reading this article…

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FNBO Direct Savings Account Opening and Review

by Luke Landes

While I’m generally happy with my ING Direct account for a good portion of my savings, I’m looking to spread the money around to take advantage of some higher interest rates. One of the banks I’ve targeted is FNBO Direct, the online arm of First National Bank of Omaha, currently offering 0.70 percent interest yield as ... Continue reading this article…

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Washington Mutual Acquisition: What Happens to Savings Accounts?

by Luke Landes

Late Thursday night, JPMorgan Chase confirmed that it has acquired the deposits (bank accounts), assets, and “certain liabilities” of Washington Mutual. The acquisition has created the largest depository institution in the United States, with over $900 billion in bank accounts alone. WaMu branches will become Chase branches as the acquisition progresses over the next two ... Continue reading this article…

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