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My Newest Bank is Changing Names: TD Commerce Bank to Update Branding Later This Year

by Luke Landes

A few months ago, my girlfriend moved her checking and savings accounts, which where previously in separate, small, community-based banks, to Commerce Bank, a larger bank based mostly in New Jersey and New York City. I particularly like their long hours and the fact that they’re open on Sunday, and signed up for an account ... Continue reading this article…

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What We Learned by Being Open with Our Friends

by Smithee

I’ve never been squeamish talking about finances with friends and acquaintances (partly, I suspect, because of my lack of an internal dialog filter), but I have learned over time that not everybody else is as comfortable as I am, so I try not to use too many specifics when having financial discussions. However, I think ... Continue reading this article…

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My Stimulus Payment Check Arrived, Now What?

by Luke Landes

For those of you still concerned about receiving your economic stimulus payment, don’t give up hope. Last week, I received a letter from the United States Treasury informing me my wait would soon be over. The letter indicated that I can expect my payment of $600 (which was accurately predicted by the stimulus payment calculator) ... Continue reading this article…

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Best Online Discount Brokers, November 2011

by Luke Landes

Unlike long-term investing for the future, active stock trading has qualities in common with gambling. On top of that, it’s expensive gambling. When you step up to a quarter slot machine, you know each bet will cost a quarter. You don’t lose a nickel on each spin as a “transaction fee.” In order to play ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Debt Reduction #141: Enemies of the Doctor

by Luke Landes

Welcome to Consumerism Commentary for the 141st edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction! This carnival is a traveling showcase of the best articles about the process of eliminating debt. Submissions are normally accepted from one week prior to the release of the edition and come from various blogs. The theme for this week is ... Continue reading this article…

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How to Track Your Spending: From Obsession to Reasonability

by Luke Landes

When it comes to tracking my daily spending, I’m not as diligent as I used to be. That’s due in part to laziness and part to the lack of necessity. Let me explain. First, this topic was inspired by a recent email I received from a Consumerism Commentary reader. Nat asked: How do you keep ... Continue reading this article…

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The $155 That Almost Wasn’t

by Smithee

It was only back in April that Flexo wrote about MissingMoney.com. I had heard about it once before through a friend on Twitter who said he’d had some success and so I figured, “What have I got to lose?” They don’t charge anything, it’s just a convenient way to get at some abandoned money that ... Continue reading this article…

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Looking Back: The Difference 9 Years Makes

by Luke Landes

9 years ago, I was a fresh college graduate with a degree in music education, living close to campus and looking for full-time teaching jobs while working as a substitute teacher. If I remember correctly, the pay was about $70 per day. My one-bedroom apartment, almost completely unfurnished, was $600 per month if I remember ... Continue reading this article…

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Payment Method Discrimination Strikes Again at the Gas Station

by Luke Landes

Last June, I noticed that a few gas stations in my area were charging different prices for gas depending on whether your method of payment was cash or credit. My biggest problem was that this wasn’t advertised on the large signs attracting drivers to the station. The station later changed its signs, though the cash ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekend Blog Roundup: Pennies, Budgets, and Social Security

by Luke Landes

Here are some articles I’ve enjoyed reading this past week. How Much Could You Have if Social Security Was Your Money? AllFinancialMatters shows what could possibly be the result if instead of paying into Social Security with each paycheck, employees were allowed to invest that money. It’s important to remember that Social Security is not ... Continue reading this article…

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