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Why Put Your Money in an Investment Earning 0%?

by Luke Landes

Yesterday I mentioned that the U.S. Treasury was able to raise $40 billion in a one-day auction of 35-day Treasury bills. When you bid for these investments, you could either compete with others by offering to invest at the lowest interest rate you’re willing to accept or bid “non-competitively,” accepting whatever the Treasury Department determines ... Continue reading this article…

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Where Did the Federal Reserve Get $85 Billion for AIG?

by Luke Landes

When I heard the news that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is making $85 billion available to American International Group in the form of loans, one of my first questions was about the source of the money. Does the Federal Reserve keep an emergency fund available to bail out companies during financial crises ... Continue reading this article…

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EDIE Tells You if Your Money is Insured By the FDIC

by Luke Landes

Suze Orman is now involved with a marketing campaign for the FDIC, pointing consumers to EDIE, a calculator that halps determine how much of your money held at banks is insured. The aim of the campaign is to help Americans feel secure about leaving their money in banks. The government and the banking industry want ... Continue reading this article…

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Who Do You Blame When You Lose $6 Million Overnight?

by Luke Landes

The New York Post presented an article about David Shorr, a shareholder of Lehman Brothers, who lost $6 million as the company filed for bankruptcy. David spent many years as an employee of Lehman Brothers, building up compensation in the form of stocks which are now worthless. “What the hell was he thinking?” asked Shorr, ... Continue reading this article…

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$100 Coupon Code: Bonus for Opening New Chase Checking Account

by Luke Landes

See our update with a new code. Chase is still offering $100 to new account holders who can find a coupon code. I get these in the mail every so often, and I don’t plan on using mine. It expires on September 30, so it must be used fast. There is a catch. In order ... Continue reading this article…

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Quicken Financial Life for Mac: Rebirth of Quicken for Mac

by Luke Landes

I am not a Mac user, so until recently I was unaware that Intuit’s Quicken offerings for Mac are below standard in comparison to Intuit’s similar products designed for computers running Microsoft Windows. It looks like the inferior software is getting a much-needed rewrite from scratch and a new name, “Quicken Financial Life for Mac.” ... Continue reading this article…

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HSBC Direct Dropped Rate From 3.50% to 3.25% APY

by Luke Landes

This morning, online bank HSBC Direct ended the extended promotion in which customers were offered a savings account earning interest of 3.50 percent annual percentage yield. This was planned; when the promotion was extended back in July, the company warned that after September 15, the interest rate would return to normal, which it has. The interest ... Continue reading this article…

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Calming Facts About Identity Theft

by Smithee

If someone successfully applies for a loan or a credit card using your identity, there will be a big mess to clear up. I don’t want to downplay the hassle, there. I would be extremely annoyed if that happened to me. However, what we hear on the news and especially in commercials for services like ... Continue reading this article…

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Something You Never Want to See in Quicken

by Luke Landes

I opened Quicken this evening to update a few financial items and I was distraught by what the software was trying to tell me. This is something you never want to see in a piece of financial software that analyzes your spending and offers hints for managing your money. I’m actually a little insulted. It’s ... Continue reading this article…

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Who Said Accounting Isn’t Poetic?

by Luke Landes

A few years ago, I did a very good job of tracking all my spending. As my income has increased since that time, I’ve found less value in keeping notes on the ultimate destination of every single cent. I believe that close scrutiny is required when someone is looking for ways to improve their finances, ... Continue reading this article…

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