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Twitter Poll: How Much Do You Have in Your Emergency Fund?

by Luke Landes

Earlier today, I asked via Twitter how much everyone has in their emergency fund in relation to their monthly expenses. Here are some of the responses. (I assumed if the message wasn’t sent privately and if the twitter account wasn’t protected that I could re-post the source of the responses.) nodebtplan: 3 months of expenses ... Continue reading this article…

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This Tee-Shirt Was Brought to You By Pepsi (And This Mustache by Just For Men)

by Luke Landes

Why is it that everyone wants me to advertise for them for free, particularly when it is related to sports? At almost every baseball game attend, I can receive “free” gifts. Last year, in return for buying a ticket to one particular game, I received a bucket hat with my team’s logo. Just several hours ... Continue reading this article…

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The Right Size for Your Emergency Fund

by Luke Landes

One of the most popular pieces of financial advice is the importance of establishing an emergency fund, money that can be accessed to assist with life unexpected problems, like medical emergencies or the loss of a job. Financial advisers like Suze Orman suggest that most people have ready three to six months’ worth of expenses ... Continue reading this article…

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Several Interesting Articles From Around the Web

by Luke Landes

Here are some articles from the Money Blog Network I enjoyed recently. All I Really Need to Know About Stocks I Learned in the Sixth Grade. Get Rich Slowly interviews David Gardner, one of the founders of The Motley Fool, a website mainly about investing. The forums on The Motley Fool is where I originally ... Continue reading this article…

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The Envelope at Work: Do You Give (In)?

by Luke Landes

Perhaps you have seen this. It may take the form of a manila folder containing a list of names on the front and a card and an envelope in side. Some of the names have been crossed off and perhaps even there’s a dollar amount written beside those. The card has is a generic “get ... Continue reading this article…

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Investing Strategy: Set it and Forget It (Except Once Annually for Rebalancing)

by Luke Landes

It’s very tempting to quickly peek at your investments to see if they’ve gone up or down in the past twenty-four hours. The same technology that makes our lives so much easier, computer software, can drive us insane. It takes almost no effort to log into my company’s 401(k) website. When I’m at home, Quicken ... Continue reading this article…

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Bottled Water? What Was I Thinking?

by Smithee

A few years ago, when I started paying attention to my diet, I found that drinking at least a liter of water a day kept my brain functioning better, and in the case of two liters a day, kept me from gaining weight. Where I was living, the tap water was unpalatable, so I made ... Continue reading this article…

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Confirmed: TIAA-CREF Laying Off 10% of Workforce

by Luke Landes

August 8 update: This is now confirmed. This is unconfirmed but in the last few hours, two employees at TIAA-CREF have written to Consumerism Commentary to share the knowledge that workers in the the Charlotte, North Carolina office are being laid off by management at this very moment. The layoffs began on Monday and will ... Continue reading this article…

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Tuesday Roundup: $1.8 Million, Gas Prices, and SIPC

by Luke Landes

Here are some personal finance articles I’ve enjoyed recently from around the web. Perhaps you will, as well. $1.8 Million Net Worth – How I Got From There to Here. QCash, a retired, 37-year-old millionaire, explains how he reached that point. “[P]urchasing real estate at a young age paid off huge for me. Living a ... Continue reading this article…

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JetBlue Now Charges for Pillows and Blankets on Flights

by Luke Landes

In order to remain competitive, airlines try to keep fare prices low. When that strategy starts to break down and airlines can’t compensate for the cost of flying in the normal way (increasing bookings, and decreasing flights) and they still resist raising fares, they look for new ways to earn revenue. So now we’re charged ... Continue reading this article…

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