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American Express Offer Extended

by Luke Landes

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. Good news for those looking to make the most of American Express’s offer for a free round-trip airline ticket (or 25,000 Membership Rewards points to use otherwise). The offer has been extended to October 15. I won’t spend too much ... Continue reading this article…

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pfblogs.org Financial Literacy Challenge at DonorsChoose

by Luke Landes

HC at One Big Mortarboard has organized a campaign to raise a total of $1,500 out of about $1,900 remaining to fully cover four projects focusing on bringing money management skills to the schools. Teachers have personally submitted these projects to DonorsChoose to find funding. One project, in which elementary school students will be provided ... Continue reading this article…

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Roundup for the Week Ending October 6

by Luke Landes

Here are a few articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond worth checking out if you haven’t already. Ten Steps for Dealing With a Lost Wallet. FiveCentNickel suggests jogging your memory, calling around, offering a reward, and more. I’m reminded of one time I lost my wallet many years ago. It turned up on top of ... Continue reading this article…

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Do Not Call List About to Expire

by Luke Landes

There’s little doubt that the federal Do Not Call list is a good thing for most people throughout the United States. All you have to do is sign up with your phone number and a valid e-mail address, and you will be protected from most dinnertime annoyances (besides your children)… … for five years. For ... Continue reading this article…

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Guest Post: The Weak Dollar is Killing Americans’ Wealth

by Luke Landes

This is a guest post from Pinyo, author of Moolanomy, a personal finance blog about money, wealth, investing, and more. Subscribe to Moolanomy’s RSS feed here. In this article, Pinyo’s excitement about his net worth increase is tempered by the declining value of the dollar. I just completed my September net worth review and noticed ... Continue reading this article…

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More Credit Cards With Sign-Up Bonuses

by Luke Landes

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, these offers expired and are no longer available. Credit card companies want to drag customers in, and sometimes offer nice bonuses to encourage applications. If you know how to handle a credit card, bonuses can pay off nicely. Here is an updated list of current bonuses available. This ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Income Statement, September 2007 (Net Income: $7,529)

by Luke Landes

This is the second article in my monthly short series in which I report my financial details. This income report goes along with the balance sheet recently posted. September was more of a typical month than the past few. I had fewer out of the ordinary expenses, but I’ll get to that in a little ... Continue reading this article…

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Personal Balance Sheet, September 2007 ($116,475, +9.4%)

by Luke Landes

This may seem “weird” to new Consumerism Commentary readers, but this blog started as a place for me to semi-publicly track my financial progress. Each month, I take a look at my finances in excruciating detail, and now it’s time to look at my “modified net worth” for the end of the month of September ... Continue reading this article…

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Is Ticket Scalping Fair?

by Luke Landes

Parents are complaining about the high price of tickets for Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concerts thanks to scalpers. Like any popular event, whether a concert or sporting event, ticket brokers buy tickets early on — somehow — and resell them with a huge mark-up. Is it fair? I don’t think so, but not for the typical ... Continue reading this article…

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Sports Team Disappointment: A Customer Service Issue?

by Luke Landes

It never struck my mind when the Mets blew their chances of October baseball this past weekend, during their downward spiral in the last several weeks, or even following the game I attended during which the team lost, that I should call the ownership and complain about the service provided to me as a paying ... Continue reading this article…

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