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More ING Direct Referrals Needed: Earn $10 By Referring a New Customer Here

by Luke Landes

4:45 PM update: The waiting list is again closed. Thank you to everyone who responded promptly. We now have more than 100 people on the waiting list. As you may know, I am allowing Consumerism Commentary to share ING Direct referral links, providing new savings account holders with a $25 bonus (and a $10 bonus ... Continue reading this article…

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Finance, Goals, and the Internal Locus of Control

by Luke Landes

This morning, I posted an article on one of my favorite blogs about personal finance, Get Rich Slowly. The article follows my ongoing transformation from an external to an internal locus of control philosophy and explains why an internal point of view is more beneficial to achieving financial goals. Please read Financial Success Comes From ... Continue reading this article…

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Sleep Makes You Healthier and Smarter

by Luke Landes

A former high-powered, strongly motivated boss of mine did not believe in sleep. In order to be the best in the world at what we do — and this was the goal, no doubt — sleep is an obstacle to be overcome. I disagreed, as it seemed to me at some point, bodies and minds ... Continue reading this article…

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Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

by Luke Landes

I’ve done a good job of sharing my disdain for Dave Ramsey’s popularization of a method of getting out of debt that caters to unmotivated individuals, the “Debt Snowball” method. That doesn’t mean I don’t agree with his principles or his intentions. I just think he, as one of the most popular “gurus” in personal ... Continue reading this article…

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Quicken 2009 Available Today, Discounts for Blog Readers

by Luke Landes

Are you looking for Quicken 2010? Quicken 2010 is available now and here are the latest products. The new versions of all the Quicken products are available to purchase starting today, and shipping of the new software will begin on September 9. Intuit, the company that develops the Quicken software and owns the brand, is ... Continue reading this article…

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Support Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries With Kiva

by Luke Landes

Kiva is an international non-profit organization that facilitates “microlending” for the purpose of its mission, alleviating poverty across the world. The organization allows those who wish to contribute to lend money in small amounts to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Kiva’s website lets you browse entrepreneurs’ profiles to select the recipient of your micro-loan and ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Blog Roundup: Psychology of Credit Cards, Vanguard, and Freezers

by Luke Landes

Here are some interesting articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond. I enjoyed these posts and I believe others will as well. The Psychology of Credit Cards? Get Rich Slowly shares the story of a reader who has switched from debit card to credit card but has lost the ability to keep track of his spending ... Continue reading this article…

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WTDirect Sign-Up Bonus and Promotion Code: Earn Up to $250

by Luke Landes

WTDirect is offering a bonus for new customers who open a savings account. Above the 3.31 percent APY interest rate, WTDirect is offering a sign-up bonus of up to $250. You’ll have to deposit a significant sum, however, and keep the funds deposited in the bank for 60 days. The bonus is different depending on how ... Continue reading this article…

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Telemarketers Can’t Talk to the Dead

by Smithee

I was speaking with a co-worker who used to be a telemarketer, and she told me that if I’m ever again harassed by any strangers on the phone trying to sell me things I don’t need, I should just say, “Mark me down as deceased.” You don’t even have to pretend to be a different ... Continue reading this article…

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More $25 Bonus Links for New ING Direct Customers

by Luke Landes

Once again, I’ve refreshed the list of $25 bonus referral links for new ING Direct customers. I usually keep about ten unique links for the Orange Savings Account listed, and in most cases, they are all used within a week. Remember that these links are only valid for new customers who deposit at least $250 ... Continue reading this article…

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