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What To Do When Your Bank Is Merging

by Luke Landes

Marketwatch has published an interesting article with advice for customers whose banks are going through a merger. I’m no stranger to this phenomenon. When I was 16, I had my first bank account with New Jersey National Bank. It was sooner or later bought by or merged with CoreStates (Dec. 6, 1996), then First Union ... Continue reading this article…

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New Emigrant Direct Credit Card

by Luke Landes

There have been rumors if this for a long time, but Emigrant Direct has finally announced their new credit card. This is a “platinum” MasterCard that offers up to 1.25 percent cash back on all purchases with no yearly limit. The rewards are deposited directly into your Emigrant Direct account twice a year. If you ... Continue reading this article…

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Articles for Wednesday [redirected]

by Luke Landes

Here’s what I would have been reading today if I hadn’t been so busy in the office: * The contratian view on Yahoo! * Why Yahoo’s dive may be goos news * Married individuals have almost double the net worth of those who are divorced or single. (Two can live cheaper than one? More later.) ... Continue reading this article…

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Tuesday Reading [redirected]

by Luke Landes

Here are some of the stories I’ve read or skimmed today, and there aren’t many: * Suze Orman says honesty is the key to riches * Three rules for a happy retirement [focus] * A great 401(k) can make up for a lost pension * Scam alert! Ticketmaster and Entertainment Rewards * SEC unanimously approves ... Continue reading this article…

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Buying a House vs. Renting a House

by Luke Landes

Liz Pulliam Weston published a column explaining why it’s smarter to buy rather than rent a home. She cited some statistics that show that the average net worth of home owners in any income range are much higher than that of renters in the same range. Liz warns the readers to stay away from “buy ... Continue reading this article…

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Problems With TIAA-Cref

by Luke Landes

Apparently I was not the only person having problems with TIAA-Cref. When I contacted the company to report my missing contribution, the customer service representative was very helpful and assured me the account would be adjusted. I had complete confidence, and when I checked my account yesterday, the deposit had been made and backdated. My ... Continue reading this article…

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Employment Trends in 2006

by Luke Landes

According to surveys, we should start to see some encouraging trends for those of us working for a living. Richard Castellini from CareerBuilder.com has the story. Trend 1: Bigger Paychecks. Employers plan on offering more to existing employees and new hires. Gain an advantage by knowing where you stand within the market for your position. ... Continue reading this article…

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Review of Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People by Jane Bryant Quinn

by Luke Landes

I just finished reading Jane Bryant Quinn’s new book, Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People. I’ve had it for a few weeks but the holidays stole my reading time. Now that you’ve read my excuse, let’s get to the review.

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Rebate Scams

by Luke Landes

One piece of advice by those who love frugal shopping is to take advantage of rebates whenever possible. Many people followed this advice in the recently passed holiday shopping season. Most of those purchasers will not receive their rebates. According to Senator Chuck Schumer, the most diligent customer who follows the complicated instructions exactly has ... Continue reading this article…

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Carnival of Investing #3

by Luke Landes

Welcome to Consumerism Commentary, this week’s host of the Carnival of Investing! The Carnival of Investing is a new Blog Carnival that collects the best blog entries in the past week or so that focus on the topic of investing. In the words of Mr. B. Rhymes, c’mon, c’mon, let’s get to it.

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