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Personal Balance Sheet, October 2007 ($119,970, +6.4%)

by Luke Landes

For those of you new to Consumerism Commentary, one unique feature — in fact it was the original purpose for starting this blog — is the fact that I publish my financial reports at the end of each month. This post is my balance sheet, which measures my “modified net worth.” It’s a calculation of ... Continue reading this article…

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Grabbing the Last of the 5.65 APY CDs

by Sasha

Now that the Federal Reserve Board lowered the interest rate, it looks like we’re seeing the last of the 5.3 percent APY savings accounts, which appear to be a dying breed. I personally expect even these to disappear shortly; after all, why offer rates in the 5s when other banks are touting rates in the 4s ... Continue reading this article…

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Proposal to Raise NYC Transportation Costs

by Luke Landes

If you travel in New York, get ready to spend more money. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is putting forth a new proposal to raise toll rates and rail fares. The toll and fare increases will help pay for a complete replacement of the PATH system and rebuilding the World Trade ... Continue reading this article…

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Make the Most Out of Best Buy

by Luke Landes

Money Magazine has tips for getting the most out of a Best Buy shopping trip, which reminded me to share my story of yesterday’s experience. In my circle of friends, the big box retail store known for its bright blue and yellow logo is known as “Worst Buy” thanks to the multitude of headaches their ... Continue reading this article…

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Purchased Airline Tickets for Thanksgiving Vacation

by Luke Landes

It has been my tradition over the past few years, I will be traveling to visit my family in California over Thanksgiving. As usual, I waited too long to purchase the airline tickets. I checked prices a few weeks ago, was discouraged by the high rates, and procrastinated even further. A few nights ago, I ... Continue reading this article…

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A Sexier Retirement: 10 Exotic, Affordable Retiree Havens

by Sasha

I’m a regular reader of this blog, Get Rich Slowly, Five Cent Nickel, Cheap Healthy Good, and a number of other blogs which encourage me to live more frugally, to save my pennies for retirement. Save, save, save, they say. And so I am. Like a squirrel storing up nuts for an endless winter, every ... Continue reading this article…

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Consumer Reports: Best and Worst Credit Card Issuers

by Luke Landes

Consumer Reports surveyed customers in an effort to find the best credit card companies when it comes to incidences of interest rate problems, incidences of bill-timing problems, and effectiveness of problem resolution. If you’ve paid for a subscription to Consumer Reports, you can view the results here. At the very top of the list is ... Continue reading this article…

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Always Be Prepared: 5 Tips for Unexpected Job Loss

by Luke Landes

Whether you’re Joe Torre or Joe Cubicle, your at-will (more aptly, fire-at-will) contract may come to an end unexpectedly. If you’re smart, you may have seen the writing on the wall and given yourself time to prepare. Life isn’t always that obvious, so you should be thinking ahead and protecting yourself. Here are some tips ... Continue reading this article…

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Announcing Weekly Giveaways for Helpful or Interesting Comments

by Luke Landes

From now into the foreseeable future, I will be presenting weekly giveaways. Each weekend, though this is a guideline and not a promise, I will select one commenter who has added value to Consumerism Commentary to be the recipient of a surprise gift. This is just a way of me thanking regular and quality contributors ... Continue reading this article…

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Weekly Blog Roundup II: Middle Class, Investing in Yourself, and Jai Rodriguez

by Luke Landes

In case you missed them, I’ve picked out a few excellent articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork that were published last week, as well as a few from other blogs. I’ve now split my weekly roundup into two posts, spaced within a few days of each other, because there are many articles I’d like to highlight. Please ... Continue reading this article…

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