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This Week in the Archives

by Luke Landes

This year I’m looking back by linking to some of the more interesting posts from this week in previous years. Here are some from February 23-28, 2006: Feb. 25: Bank Robbers Steal Worthless £50m (10 comments) Feb. 26: Retire to the Road (4 comments) Feb. 27: Worrisome Market (9 comments) Feb. 28: Schadenfreude (3 comments) ... Continue reading this article…

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Extreme Frugality: Living Out of Your Car

by Luke Landes

A few months ago, television watchers like myself were bombarded by commercials featuring a young man attempting to “live” out of his car for a few days. However, this guy has been doing it since July 2005. Andy Bussell lives out of his pickup truck, sleeping in the back. He wakes up, showers at the ... Continue reading this article…

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12 Steps for the Paycheck Type to Become a Millionaire

by Luke Landes

Here is Kiplinger’s predictable 12-step program for becoming a millionaire, which inevitable contains “… and wait” somewhere. This guide is geared towards corporate workers who live and die by the paycheck. 1. Keep your eyes peeled for better ways to do your job. While Milton Wadams was slowly finding himself out of a job, thinking ... Continue reading this article…

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Then I’ll Set The Building On Fire

by Luke Landes

My girlfriend is a hopeless romantic. For Valentine’s Day, part of her gift for me included the Office Space DVD and a special edition Red Swingline Stapler. The movie is one of those films that rings true for many people working as I do in a “cube farm.” Now when my own version of Mr. ... Continue reading this article…

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Today’s Winner of You Call the Shots: Jeremy from Generation X Finance!

by Luke Landes

Each day this week, I will be selecting one random visitor to win a copy of You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson (reviewed here). The first winner is Jeremy from Generation X Finance! Jeremy commented on a post looking for advice for dealing with debt collectors. I have four copies of the book left ... Continue reading this article…

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Seats Not Available Online

by Luke Landes

Earlier this week, I purchased my airline tickets for the upcoming trip to California my girlfriend and I will take in April. I went through a number of steps to find the best price including tinkering with SideStep.com. The lowest cost non-stop flight for the dates and times my itinerary required was split between two ... Continue reading this article…

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You Call The Shots Week: Five Giveaways!

by Luke Landes

This week, from Monday through Friday, is You Call The Shots Week at Consumerism Commentary. Each day, I will choose one lucky commenter to receive a free copy of You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson (reviewed here). To enter for each of the five drawings, simply comment on any post on Consumerism Commentary each ... Continue reading this article…

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Advice Needed: Newly Found Debt and Debt Collectors

by Luke Landes

I received an email looking for financial advice for a young worker living paycheck-to-paycheck, who recently discovered the existence of an old debt thanks to the collectors who came calling. I wrote back suggesting negotiation with the debt collectors by showing the amount could be paid back over a period of time, but perhaps readers ... Continue reading this article…

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Money Advice From Meg Tilly: Chinese Takeout

by Luke Landes

Yesterday, I shared some quick quotations from celebrities about managing money. I liked what several of them had to say, but I’m focusing on Meg Tilly. Here’s part of what she said regarding her life after appearing in Fame. When I danced in “Fame” that was more money than I’d ever seen. It was like, ... Continue reading this article…

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Great News Footage of Rats in New York KFC/Taco Bell

by Luke Landes

This has been a hot story on the local news, and I don’t know if it’s reached the rest of the country. As people walked by the storefront of a KFC/Taco Bell restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York City, they could clearly see the fast food place infested by rats. Rats are common in this ... Continue reading this article…

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