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Paying For Convenience

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The “Personal Services” industry has been growing. More people are willing to pay others for tasks considered inconvenient, like shopping, washing laundry, and possibly even “wiping.”

This article by Gordon T. Anderson describes various mundane tasks for which you can hire a specialist. If you want to make money in this industry but you have no skills for which you can sell yourself, you can always invest.

What personal services would you pay someone to do? I’d gladly pay $30 for someone to do my laundry every two weeks.

Unrelated note: While searching for information on this topic, I came across a new beta product by Google: Google Gulp. It’s an invitation-only beta program, so you’ll have to know someone who has already enjoyed the product. Leave a comment here for a referral and I’ll send you a cap.

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avatar jim

I’ll bite… can I get a referral? Thanks dude.

avatar Luke Landes

I’m thinking that Google Gulp, a product that supposedly scans the drinker’s DNA and changes the drink’s chemical composition to be better for the user, is an April Fools hoax. Some Google Gulp caps (for referrals) were listed on eBay, but the listings are gone today.