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PayPal Alternative – Not GreenZap

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There may be a new PayPal alternative on the horizon, I’m not talking about the pyramid marketing scheme, GreenZap.

Google is rumored to have a program in the works, tentatively called Google Wallet. The program could be a convenient feature for AdSense advertisers and content providers, and if Google begins offering a fee-based Gmail, the new payment system will gain popularity.

Considering the number of eBay users who use PayPal exclusively, I don’t think Google Wallet will overtake that service, but Google Wallet will likely be a popular service for those who deal with Google.

Meanwhile, PayPal has offered a new service called Website Payments Pro. It appears to be a fully functioning payment system that does not require the user to exit the merchant’s site to visit PayPal. There’s a $20/month fee.

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avatar CryptoJoe

Google Wallet can overtake paypal only if they can under cut paypal’s fees. I hate paying those fees, I understand the credit card percentage, but with paypal, you have to pay the fee for non-credit card transactions too.

avatar jim

Might be interested to know, Google said they weren’t planning on competing with Paypal.

“We do not intend to offer a person-to-person, stored-value payments system,” Schmidt said during an interview with The Associated Press.”


I suppose we’ll just have to see what happens.

avatar Hazzard

I started thinking about how many Google products I’m using and I was surprised:

-Google search (exclusively)
-Google Earth (amazing free product)
-Google Desktop Search
-Picasa Image viewer
-Google Adsense

They are really starting to make an impact in Microsoft’s space. Hmmm. Maybe I better sell my MS stock