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Personal Income Statement, July 2006 (Net Income: $1,335)

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Once again, I’ve spent less than I’ve earned. If only that had been my habit for my entire adult life. Take a look at my income and expense report included below.


Thanks to no available overtime, my day job salary isn’t as “impressive” as it used to be. Thankfully, working for the Man is not my only source of income. Working for myself has been paying off lately, and I hope that keeps up. Between both jobs, taking my last class, and seeing my girlfriend and friends, I don’t have much left for other activites such as sleep. But I’m making through each day alive, so that’s a plus.

Moving onto the expenses, I neglected to turn off AdWords for one of my websites. That cost me a few extra bucks I wasn’t really planning on spending, and it wasn’t worth the expense.

My electric utility bills have been low, but next month I won’t be as lucky. We’ve been experiencing high temperatures lately, and I’m no fan of being uncomfortable and sweaty. The air conditioner has definitely seen more use, and I’ll pay for that soon.

You can see my tax expense has been increasing. I attempted to adjust my withholding to compensate for the extra business income I’ve been making. I think I’m still not withholding enough. Speaking of taxes, I might spring for a tax accountant to prepare my returns this year. With income from a wide variety of places, things will likely be too complicated if I don’t have enough time to thoroughly learn everything I need to know.

Another month begins. If you haven’t viewed my account balances yet, you can look at my balance sheet here.

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avatar PFBlog

Congratulation on another good month. You are really unveiling the value of your blog now.

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avatar J.D.

Hey, Flexo. What software are you using to generate that table? I think I’ve asked you this before, but I can’t remember. I use Quicken 2004 for Mac, and it doesn’t make anything nearly that pretty.

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avatar John

Just wanted to say so far this seems like a cool blog and will add it to my site and my daily read list.

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avatar Bob

You made $2,298 from Business Income which is almost 40% of your total monthly income.I understand you have a day job but did the Business Income come from this blog.If it did that’s amazing.

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avatar Luke Landes

J.D.: I export Quicken reports and import the data into Excel. I have templates (minus the links) for the net worth report and income report.

John: Thanks very much! I appreciate that.

Bob: It’s not all from this blog, but that would be amazing if it were. The number you were looking at was for May and I did significant consulting work. Unfortunately, if you take away my business income, some months I would be spending more than I earn. Perhaps that’s a signal that I need to find a way to cut back more expenses.

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avatar claire

Thanks for this, Flexo. It’s useful to see this much detail. Wow, you are a frugal eater. Gotta work on that….

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