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There were many interesting articles on CNN/Money today. Here are a few summaries.

The majority of Americans claim they would continue working if they were to suddenly come into lottery winnings of $10,000,000. 59 percent of people under the age of 50 said they would continue along their career path. If this statistic is ever tested, I hope I don’t end up in the control group.

While inflation seems to be around a rate of 3%, prices of certain necessities are increasing much more than that. In my opinion, keeping the inflation rate at 3% (based on the Consumer Price Index) is an easy way for companies to justify not giving a big enough adjustment for cost-of-living increases.

On Moneycentral, Liz Pulliam Weston gives us ten things you should never buy new. For the curious, they are books, DVDs/CDs/videos, kids’ toys, jewelry, sports equipment, timeshares, cars (oops), computer software/console games, office furniture, and hand tools. There are, of course, some exceptions given. I had my reasons for buying a new car, even against advice I had always given others and will still continue to give people who ask.

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