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Positive Outlook

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It’s true that maintaining a positive outlook can help keep your life together, generally or financially speaking. Here are steps from the CBS Marketwatch article:

* Identify your traps. Figure out what your excuses are. One of mine, for example, is I’m not making enough money to cover all of my expenses.

* Consider your goals. Perhaps my long-term goal is to not have to worry about being able to afford bringing up a family some day.

* Plan your rebuttals. A rebuttal for the excuse above may be that I need to cut back expenses even further.

* Put that plan into action. Perhaps its time for me to write out a new budget. Maybe I need to cancel cable or stop buying lunch for $6 to $7 from the office cafeteria every day. (Think that price is high? Our cafeteria food is actually partially subsidized. Imagine if it weren’t!)

Good tips, as always.

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