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Predictive Product Markets

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If you like stock market games and products, you’ll probably get a kick out of Smarkets. This website allows you to create an account with $10,000 which can be used for trading products whose prices change based on Amazon.com sales rank. I created a trading account and I’ve begun adding some products.

As far as market games go, Smarkets sounds more captivating than Blogshares. It will be interesting to see, when membership reaches a critical mass, if the market is any good at predicting sales for these products.

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avatar Retireat30

This is, unfortunately, an utterly gameable system. You can short any item with impunity knowing that it is eventually going to take a dive in popularity.

Right now, I am short 1,000 shares of Cronicles of Narnia Box Set. It had its debut at 1, it has nowhere to go but down.

That isn’t to say that a better algorithm can’t be developed, but now, it is as gameable as tetris.

avatar jim

Perhaps they should modify their algorithm to include time (time at #1) or retireat30 will dominate forever! :)

avatar Steve Odom

Thanks for the checking out my site. IYou guys are right, that eventually the salesranks for products will go up. And that shorting products with a salesrank of 1 is an automatic money maker. However, the salesrank will fluctuate (go up and down) on its way down and allow traders to profit (try to at least) on these fluctuations.

Anyway, I am open to suggestions on the pricing algorythm.