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Newsweek: Money: Net Interest

By Newsweek staff
April 19, 2008

Maximize your money by using the Internet to comparison-shop. Here are some financial-services sites that can help you save.

findabetterbank.com: Put in your ZIP code and your bank preferences, and this site will point you to the best institution for your needs.

ins.com: Put all your policies up for review once a year. Compare what you’re paying for your car, home and life insurance with what’s available elsewhere.

a.viewerprototype1.com/viewer: A new mutual-fund comparison tool from the Securities and Exchange Commission, including updated filings and data on risks and returns.

consumerismcommentary.com: A folksy blog that also keeps an updated list of checking- and savings-account rates.

onlinebrokerages.us: Looking for a new discount stockbroker, or want to make sure you’re getting good value with the one you’ve got? Compare them here.

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