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Question for Readers: Static Cling

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Here’s a question I haven’t been able to find a satisfying answer for, so I’m hoping some readers can provide some insight, perhaps from personal experience. I have one pair of khaki pants that seems to hold static electricity constantly. Using fabric softener sheets in the dryer has done nothing to help, and it’s very annoying. Obviously it’s not a life-or-death issue, but I’d like to find a solution other than wearing a different pair of pants.

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avatar Kevin

There’s a product out there, I believe it’s called Static-Guard. It’s in a blue and orange aerosol spray can. Right before you want to wear your clothes, just give them a spray on the outside. The stuff stinks a little bit right at first, but the odor quickly fades.

I too have a problem with several shirts that start clinging to me throughout the day. One quick spray front and back in the morning eliminates that problem all day.

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avatar Leia

There’s a spray called “Static Guard” which you can use on the inside and outside of the pants which may help. Also, moisturizing your legs may help.

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avatar ib

you could try liquid softener in the rinse cycle of your wash. be sure to put in water as filling, not directly onto the clothing.

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avatar Savvy Steward

Mix fabric softener and water in a spray bottle. Spray liberally before wearing.

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avatar downtime6

A quick and easy temporary solution is wetting the area. This is a worse case senerio, but it’s saved me a couple of times before important meetings. Fill the palm of your hand with water and rub each leg.

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avatar thatedeguy

If you rub your legs down with lotion (any kind) it goes a long way to preventing the build up and cling from the static. Works much better than the “static guard” spray and doesn’t have the effect of possibly getting your pants wet.

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avatar Tim Deniston

I find that rubbing a dryer sheet on your legs before putting your pants on helps. Also, try out different underwear (assuming you wear any) fabric to see if switching from cotton to silk to a blend helps out.

I hope you don’t find these tips “shocking”.


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avatar William

Spray some water on your pants and rub it in. It’s a poor man’s solution, but it works. I have a pair of fleece pants that sticks to my legs, constantly popping and zapping. I spray some water on it, and it stops.

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