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Quicken 2007?

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quicken2007.JPGOne of my banks (Wachovia, where I have a checking account) is already offering downloads for Quicken 2007. The software’s not out yet, and I’ve come across only one report of a beta test for Macintosh users.

I don’t expect there to be many improvements in the software compared to Quicken 2006, which I have currently.

On the other hand, I’ve been beta testing Microsoft Office 2007. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of Microsoft normally, but the software is miles ahead of Office 2003. If Bill Gates finds some way to make similar improvements in Money 2007, I may try to switch back.

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avatar andy

Upgrading Quicken annually really isn’t worth the money, I’ve found. Not enough improvement (or even change) from one year to the next. I’ve been just picking up the “current” version each time the one I’m running at the time has been sunsetted – earlier this year I moved from 2003 to 2006 because 2003′s online features were disabled, and I’ll go up to 2008 when 2006 gets shut down by Intuit (if they keep the schedule the same).

I’ve never heard good things about Quicken on the Mac. Seems like Intuit is barely putting out any effort. It’s really the only application I use on my PC where I can’t get a comparable product on MacOS.

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avatar Amanda Heismann

I’ve been looking at programs for macs, and I’ve found that they tend to be more expensive and like Andy said, there’s very little selection. I know a lot of people who use only Macs, and in my experience most people who try macs (and I mean really try, not just move the mouse around once or twice) really like them. It’s the compatability and programs which smacks MacOS back down.

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avatar Albert Einstein

I’ve loved my Quicken 2000 since 2000.
Would love to upgrade. Don’t you think it’s time?

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