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Quicken 2010 Available Now

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I’ve been a relatively faithful user of Quicken for the past five years after switching from Microsoft Money and other more basic personal finance management software. Even though I continue using this software to track my income and expenses and to share my finances with the world, I have never been silent about the software’s drawbacks.

Here are the latest Intuit Quicken products available for download or for shipping.

Quicken 2010 Home & Business Buy CD-ROM Download $99.99
Quicken 2010 Premier Buy CD-ROM Download $89.99
Quicken 2010 Deluxe Buy CD-ROM Download $59.99
Quicken 2007 Mac Buy CD-ROM Download $69.99
Quicken Medical Expense Manager Buy CD-ROM Download $69.99
Quicken Home Inventory Manager Buy CD-ROM Download $29.99
Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 Buy CD-ROM Download $149.99
Quicken Online Edition     Free

More Quicken products are available here.

Unfortunately for Mac users, Intuit is still working on an updated version of Quicken. Quicken Financial Life for Mac is slated to be released in February 2010. I should have my hands on the latest edition of Quicken Home and Business in a few days and I plan on reviewing the upgrade as soon as possible.

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avatar MGA

Ohhh. Hopefully Intuit will hand out free copies of the app to various websites, for them to give away to their readers. This helps spread awareness and genereate buzz for the new version. My copy of MS Money is a half decade old now, and seems to run slower each year.

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avatar Luke Landes

I can’t speak for other blogs, but you might want to stay tuned to Consumerism Commentary if you’re looking for a chance to win something.

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avatar SteveDH

I sent Quicken 2009 back to Intuit when it couldn’t download stock prices and track my investments. I’m still using 2008 and I’m looking forward to your assessment.

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avatar Chelsea

Some goodies on the way Flexo! Thanks for letting folks know the new Quicken 2010 for Windows is out. For those interested in a sneak peak (some screenshots, etc.) here is our post on the product release: link

Let us know what you think, as always.

- Chelsea (from Quicken)

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avatar Julio

I’m still using 2008, because I read somewhere that 2009 was not much of an upgrade. Looking forward to the review of 2010 as well.

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avatar BRCA1

Hmm I have 2007, IIRC the release of 2010 means I have to upgrade. Doesn’t Inuit stop supporting downloads after three years? I am remembering that correctly?

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avatar Chelsea

Normally we do discontinue products every three years. For Quicken 2007, we will not discontinue connectivity.


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avatar Stan

Dear Chelsea,

The messages emanating from Quicken are inconsistent. Last week I received a notice in the mail from Intuit that there would be no connectivity for my Quicken 2007 after April 2010. The notice included an offer to purchase Quicken 2010 at full retail with a “bonus” of estate software that is useless to me. Accordingly, the next day I purchased Quicken 2010 from a local bricks and mortar store. The price I paid was a little less than the price Intuit offered me as a loyal user. (I have used Quicken for about 20 years or so.) Now I have discovered your comment in this forum that Quicken will not discontinue connectivity for Quicken 2007. What is the truth? Did I waste my money purchasing Quicken 2010? I can find no useful feature in Quicken 2010 that constitutes an improvement over the features of Quicken 2007. Please advise. Thank you.

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avatar Street32

I have been a Quicken user for about 15 years. Currently using 2008 Quicken Premier, after all the problems I have had getting 2008 running, I’m not sure that conversion to 2010 is worth more problems. It would be nice to buy any upgrade and not spend the next rwo or three mounths debuging it. I still have problems with 2008 that Intuit has not addressed but have had learn work arounds. Are there any “must have” features in 2010 that are worth the problems?

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avatar Stan

Recently I updated Quicken 2007 and began receiving an alert that after April 2010 I no longer will be able to download account information. Is that correct? Quicken has only marginal value without the download feature, and the contemplated action would render my version worthless to me. This is disappointing. I have used Quicken since it first became available, purchasing a new version every 3 or 4 years. I also have purchased Turbo Tax every year since it became available. I do not recall a time in the past when Quicken forced the purchase of a new version, and, in any event, it seems to me that Quicken should have disclosed when I purchased Quicken 2007 that it would become virtually worthless in two + years. I have been following the reviews and have been undecided as to whether to purchase Quicken 2010 or wait for a later version. However, if this is the way Intuit is going to conduct business, perhaps now is the time to switch away from Quicken and Turbo Tax. I would be interested in the views of others on the subject. Have a good day.

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avatar Kevin

I too have been a loyal quicken user for many years but am going to look into other programs due to Intuit’s decision to railroad me into an upgrade.

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avatar Mitch

if i get 2010 home and business, should i do a “year end copy” first? I have never done that and have been using Quicken since 2004.

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avatar Jim

I have been a loyal Quicken user since the DOS Version 20years? I only user basic, but Q2010 will not import from quicken basic 2007 only 2008 and 09. They are FORCEING me to buy Deluxe to import my data at FULL PRICE. Just how loyal do i have to be before I will get an upgrade price. WTF!!!!

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avatar Steve

I was using Quicken Basic 2007 until the end of this past January when I upgraded to Quicken Deluxe 2010 in order to keep my online functionality. I, too, would have preferred to buy a new version of Basic, but Intuit no longer offers that option – Deluxe is now the the most basic version you can buy. But I must say that I had no problems whatsoever with the upgrade – all data came through fine. I have also been using Quicken for over 20 years – since the end of 1988. FWIW, I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, both before and after the upgrade.

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