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Quicken 2011 Review and Giveaway

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Are you looking for the latest version of Quicken? Here is my review of the newest version, Quicken 2013. Downloads of Quicken 2013 are available today.

I’ve been using Quicken for six years, and I have eight years’ worth of financial data in my files.

I had the opportunity to take the beta version of Quicken 2011 Premier for a test drive. After uninstalling my current version (2010 Home & Business) and installing the new version, it took less than two minutes to convert my data file from 2010 to 2011. Some of the business-related features are not available in the Premier flavor of the software, so if I decide to keep the upgrade, I would take the opportunity to “unlock” the Home & Business features. To be careful, I converted a copy of my regular data file rather than the “real” Quicken 2010 data. This will let me return to Quicken 2010 and consider buying the new version at a later date.

First impressions

I was surprised to see that the new version of Quicken now supports Direct Connect functionality with more of my banks. It looks like Quicken is using some of Mint’s technology acquired to increase compatibility with more financial institutions.

One great improvement that I’ve been waiting for since I first started using Quicken pertains to the interface. Quicken users have become accustomed to register screens that update slowly, particularly in investment accounts with a large number of holdings or transactions. My 401(k) falls into this category. I’m happy to report that there are no longer any delays in the register screen. The interface has been streamlined in addition to the increased speed. The account information for investment accounts is the biggest example of this. In Quicken 2010, each screen offered far too many navigation options.

The “Spending” and “Income” overview pages have been improved as well. I have about 60 active accounts in Quicken. Prior to 2011, the cash flow overview pages have not been close to accurate, and that could be due to the complexity of my data and I may even have some accounts categorized incorrectly. However, the new version seems to track my real spending and income much more accurately.

Here is my spending screen, with some of the numbers obscured with PhotoShop.

One of the more interesting features is a register view that presents all your transactions on one page. By default, this view lists each transaction across all your accounts, but you can customize the options to display each account type individually, such as only asset accounts, only checking accounts, or only liabilities. You can also customize this view.

Here’s what my net worth overview page looks like in Quicken 2011. Click on this image to zoom in.

Should I upgrade?

Here is the bottom line. If it’s been several years since you’ve upgraded Quicken, or if you’ve never owned Quicken and you’d like a powerful piece of software for managing your personal finances when free options like Mint are not enough for you, then Quicken 2011 is an obvious choice. If you are happy with a recent version of Quicken on your desktop, you might not want to pay for the upgrade. (You could win a copy for free; keep reading this article to find out how.)

Consider, however, that as far as yearly incremental upgrades go, this is the best annual improvement I’ve seen in Quicken for a long time.

Latest prices for Quicken 2011

Quicken Home and Business 2013Buy CD-ROM $84.99Download $84.99
Quicken Premier 2013Buy CD-ROM $79.99Download $79.99
Quicken Deluxe 2013Buy CD-ROM $54.99Download $54.99
Quicken Starter Edition 2013Buy CD-ROM $39.95Download $39.95
Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013Buy CD-ROM $159.99Download $159.99
Quicken WillMaker Plus 2013Buy CD-ROM $48.48Download $69.99
Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010Buy CD-ROM $32.67n/a

Quicken 2011 giveaway

Note: this giveaway is now closed.

I am giving away four copies of Quicken 2011 Premier. Here is how you can win one of these copies. Each of the following will provide you with one chance to win, so you have a maximum of three chances. I was originally planning to give away two copies of Quicken 2011 Premier but Intuit has agreed to chip in two copies at their expense as well. Your chances for winning have just doubled!

Pls RT! Win a copy of Quicken 2011 from @luke_landes! http://t.co/shu1Yms

You must be over 18 years old and must have an address in the United States in order to qualify. The winners will be chosen using the random number generator at random.org. Thanks and good luck! The giveaway will end Thursday night, October 14, 2010, at 11:59 pm.

You can have even more opportunities to get Quicken 2011 for free! Investor Junkie is offering a 1 in 100 chance to win. Read his review for another opinion about Quicken 2011 from the pre-release version.

Intuit provided Consumerism Commentary with a copy of the beta version of Quicken 2011 Premier prior to this review and giveaway but have had no influence on the content of this review or form of this giveaway. Of the four copies of Quicken 2011 Premier, Intuit is providing two to give away to Consumerism Commentary readers. The others will be given away at our own expense.

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avatar Ron K

I’m particularly interested in seeing if Quicken will automate the process of importing the data I’ve already got in Mint, along with the classifications

avatar Kelly Barrett

I would love to win this to help my family get back on track financially!

avatar R L Dial

It took me awhile to find a good review with screenshots, so thank you for taking the time to write this article. Even the Intuit website did not have any information about the 2011 version. Funds are limited for me, and the last time I scraped up money to upgrade Quicken to the 2009 version. But I have been using Quicken since the early 90′s when it was a DOS version. It has really helped me simplify my finances, and keep on track with spending and income. I tried Money several times in the past, but found Quicken to be better suited to my needs. But I do like to customize everything I touch, so it sounds like Quicken 2011 is a worthwhile upgrade for me. If I could win a copy, it would really be awesome! Thank you for this opportunity to upgrade. Sincerely, R L Dial

avatar Joe P.

I currently use Quicken D. 2009. Thanks for the info.

avatar Nehal Patel

I’m glad they finally addressed the register performance problems!

avatar John Ledwith

does the new quicken 2011 still do financial & retirement planning

avatar ann

I’m looking at Quicken for the first time- thanks for the review. It helps distinquish 2011 from 2010

avatar Roger

I have been using Quicken for years, thanks for the giveaway.

avatar Paul McGrath

Excellent post and I it makes me very interested in purchasing the product.

avatar Wealthy Immigrant

Thanks for the giveaway!

avatar DV

Nice article

avatar Mike

Thanks for a chance to try Quicken. Free is always good.

avatar Bob R.

Nice summary of the new changes to Quicken. Hope I win one of the copies you are giving away.


avatar Bob Reeves

Nice review…helps me decide whether to upgrade or not.


avatar Mark Dalton

Have been considering the conversion from Money Deluxe to Quicken . . this may be the time!

avatar Nick

Well, since MS Money threw in the towel, I’m looking for a replacement and a free one would fit the bill. Thanks for the chance.

avatar Brian R

Thanks for the review and giveaway

avatar Ken Woodard

Been using Quicken since 2002. Would love to try the new version.

avatar David

I use some personal finance software (generic) but it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep it up to date manually. I’ve been sniffen’ around Quicken / Quick Books because both my banks can download QIF files. Once its released i may try to purchase 2011 as i have never owned a copy before because of monetary reasons.

avatar mattyk1822

Thanks for the review. Think it’s finally time for me to move on from MS Money. It’s been a good 5 year run. :-(

avatar Denise Coleman

I appreciate this review. I am looking for another desktop financial software since Microsoft Money will no longer be available.

avatar JimK

Hey, count me in. I’m looking to upgrade my Quicken version.

avatar Steve R

Thanks for the review! Love using Quicken and it’s time for an upgrade.

avatar James

Looking to use something more powerful than mint.

I liked your page and linked to this review on my wall in facebook.

avatar Jason

Hi. I have been using 2007 Home and Business. Its good for ledger/journal and reporting. I wish Intuit would allow hitting the backend from using external tools, but hey, I’m a data guy. That would make dealing with QIF and CSV’s so much easier (when other QFX is not available or working.)

I use a spreadsheet for seperate monthly budgetting, since the 2007 version’s budget feature is not zero-based and spreads totals made once a year across the entire year making your monthly average look plus or minus (which is stupid.)

I look forward to seeing further comments on this version.

avatar Fred Reid

I am a Quicken user for over 10 years. Would love to try the new upgrade.

avatar Vicki Akin

I have been using Quicken since 1998 and typically update every few years. I use Quicken for my personal accounts and also for a couple of volunteer accounts. I am currently using Quicken 2008 and was trying to decide if I should update to the 2010 or 2011 version. I read an article about the merger with Mint that could effect the 2011 version (this person decided to stay with his 2010 version). After reading your article, I believe that the 2011 version would suit my needs better.

avatar david groom

Enjoyed reading and learning more about Quicken. It sounds very interesting and useful.

I will have to consider giving it a try.

avatar Bill


I have used quicken for close to 15 years now. I upgrade every three years and this is the year. Free would be a big help.

avatar Vince


avatar B Wong

great review. i’ll consider buying it – if i don’t win a free one!

avatar Sree

Awesome offer, I am interested to have a copy of Quicken 2011.. Thanks in advance


Quicken has changed my personal finances. I now have and maintain a household budget. I look forward to the 2011 version.

avatar Lee Lloyd

I’ve been using Quicken for 10 years now. I usually upgrade every 3 years or so. I’m sure hoping they have changed a few things … like how I can tell what transaction is overdue? I see the little red flag on the account, but what is the transaction??? Several other small stuff like the ability to sort different ways, especially in the reconcile windows …

avatar Kenneth Alcorn

While originally difficult to use, I have grown more and more comfortable with quicken and have loved seeing my spending decrease as a result. It’s good to hear that some of the quirkyness is being resolved

avatar Bob Caplan

It sure would be nice to have Quicken personal finance software e to replace my now defunct Microsoft Money software. Thanks for offering us the opportunity.

avatar Paula

A really enjoy your site

avatar John McGlynn

I hope I win the free copy!

avatar skylog

thanks…been a fan of the site for years

avatar moneymatters

I would love a free version of Quicken, I’m looking for something to replace our old version of Microsoft Money anway! Shared the giveaway on Facebook, and tweeted!

avatar Sean

thanks for the contest.

avatar James

Great Contest. I always look forward to the annual update. Hoping this will be a bit better than some years.

avatar Brian Morse

Tks for contest
Sounds like good upgrade
Wish it had more integration w Mint

avatar Paul Stanley

I use TD Bank…..and I do not get a consistent download. I hope this is Quicken and not the Td Bank at fault. I hope the new Quicken will fix this issue.

Thanks for the review….I will definately upgrade!! I was a Microsoft Money user for years, but I have switched to Quicken since Microsoft stopped supporting Money.

Again…great review!!!


avatar Brian D.

I’m a longtime Quicken user, but with each upgrade I am always afraid of losing functionality that has been “simplified” or dumbed down, yet is instrumental to the way I manage my money in Quicken.

I use Quicken Deluxe 2009 today. If the random number generator gods bestow their generosity on me, would I be able to downgrade my Quicken file from Premier to Deluxe in later years?

avatar Gary Berger

Will I be able to import ALL my data entries from my existing 2005 Premiere to 2011 Home & Business?

avatar John_B

I too have not upgraded Quicken H&B since 2007, so will likely do it with 2011. I’m curious if anyone knows whether they have improved the charting options for investments. This was always pretty rudimentary in Quicken, so I find myself having to go elsewhere for even simple charts.

Thatnks for the helpful review!

avatar Roger Hartmuller

I’m running Quicken Home & Business 2007. It’s time to upgrade.

avatar Mike

Thanks for the great review and the contest. I have Quicken Deluxe 2008 and have not decided if I will upgrade to 2011. Of course, if I am lucky enough to be win a copy my decision will have been made for me.

avatar Scott

I’ve been using Quicken for about 10 years and typically upgrage every 2-3 years as the yearly improvements don’t usually warrant buying the yearly upgrade. Currently using 2009 Premier which has a lot of display limitations that hopefuly 2011 improves on.

avatar Christopher

Enjoyed reading your article. I have been a Quicken user since 2000, prior to that used Microsoft Money personal tax software. I liked the Quicken software and inteface better.
Let me know if I win a free copy.
Pls RT! Win a copy of Quicken 2011 from @flexo! http://t.co/shu1Yms

avatar Steve Montgomery

Thanks for the review flexo, I’m a Money user since my first days of computing in the late ’90′s and with that software going the way of the dodo bird I’ve been investigating my options. The free online services each have compelling benefits, but so far none provide what I’m looking for in a single package.

I also use Ultrasoft to sync my Money files to my pda/smartphone and would like to keep that very valuable ability in a replacement. So far it doesn’t seem possible. Does anyone know if there is a sync utility for Quicken?

Again, thanks for your service and, if I win at least I would be able to try it out at the best price…Free!!

avatar Steve Montgomery

Forgot to mention, I did “Like” Consumerism Commentary and shared this review on Facebook.

avatar Tom Mac

I have been a loyal Quicken user and am considering an upgrade from 2009. Based on your review, I may do it in the hope of increasing the speed of navigation.

avatar Jon

I did all three options – comment, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks for the contest and love the blog.

avatar Michele

I have been using Quicken 2008, and am really considering upgrading to Quicken 2011. Thank you so very much for your thorough and thoughtful review! It has helped me decide to proceed with the upgrade! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

avatar eichorsmith

Enjoyed the article as usual. Also tweeted promotion.

avatar Wojo

Sweet! I’d love a chance to test-drive the newest version.

avatar ProfQuill

I’ve been pretty happy with Quicken 2009, and decided against ’10 because of a pretty high percentage of bad reviews, plus spending the full price for only a 1-year upgrade without a lot of new features just didn’t seem worth it.

Since I’ll have to buy 2012 when that time comes to keep online updating working, maybe 2011 is worth a shot, since not only is the review here generally good, the commentary at Amazon.com looks fine too. Especially if you give it to me for free!

avatar Pamala Grayson

I really liked your unbiased review, particularly considering your having 60 accounts. I had about that many before I tried to import from Q for Mac. Now I only have a few as NO data transferred correctly + everything had be done from scratch. What you didn’t mention is that we can no longer upgrade + now must purchase a new product each year. Why am I not surprised by this? Because it’s from the same company that dumped most of its Mac users by coming out with ironically named “Mac Essentials” that lacked any essentials like paying bills or tracking investments.

avatar Dale

Thanks for the review. I’ve been using Quicken since the early 1990s and don’t know what I’d do without it. I have tried, but can’t use Mint because I live overseas and have accounts in three different currencies.

I’ve been disappointed with the Quicken upgrades I’ve purchased in some years – some were improvements; some were buggy – so I appreciate your review. For people who want to truly monitor and know where their money is going, Quicken is very much worth the investment. A free copy would be even better!

avatar Garry Flynt

Haven’t used Quicken in about 5 years, would love to try the newer version.

avatar Edward Stringer

I have 2010 and hate it, so I will surely upgrade to 2011, hopefully for the better.

avatar Bruce Giese

Sounds great it’s about time Quicken got a real update.

avatar Shannon McDermott

Thanks for the review. I was interested in 2 things, quicker categorizations and faster downloads and you answered both. I have avoided upgrading quicken for a few years but maybe now is the time!

avatar Bradley Myers

That sounds like a sweet version of Quicken. Great review!

avatar Andy Kincaid

Thanks for the review. I am hoping for a free copy.

avatar Cindy Cruciger

I was just thinking about upgrading my Quicken as I was driving to work this morning. I had no idea the release of the new version was today. Guess the powers that be are saying “Do it!”

avatar chris woods

My biggest issue with previous editions is that Net Worth reports tend to get confused by internal transfers, considering them “income”. Yes, I know you can change that with each report generation, but it’s a pain.

avatar Luke Landes

You can save your report customizations. With 60 accounts, I have trouble with internal transfers for cash flow reports, but my net worth reports are perfect.

avatar Barry

Have been a Quicken user for many years. Like most of their features EXCEPT that the investment area is cumbersome and prone to error, and the reports section has limited ability to customize. Does this version make any improvements in those areas?

avatar Luke Landes

I haven’t experienced errors in the investment area that I’ve noticed, but the handling of my 401(k) account has been spotty. I’m able to get the values right but I doubt the cost basis is correct. There are improvements in the investments functions, though. I don’t know whether your specific problem is solved.

avatar Jennie B

Thanks for the thorough review – I was disappointed to not see more about one of their top selling features (and what I have found abysmally bad in previous versions): the cash flow prediction.

avatar Jennie B

BTW – was happy to pass this along on FB.

avatar Rich C

Thanks for the review – am thinking about upgrading.

avatar Eric Sipple

I’ve been thinking of using Quicken for my homeowner’s association, so thank you for the review.

avatar Eric Sipple

Oh and I’ve passed this along on Facebook and twitter!

avatar PFromWa

I’m hoping Q2011 is much less buggy than Q2010. Even after the updates, I still growl when it changes transaction amounts when I update payees or enter bills. It has been hard to trust it – especially after a transaction somewhere got wedged during a reconciliation and I had to go back to a previous day’s backup.

avatar Alex

Thanks for the review. I have not upgraded a Quicken version for a number of years and seriously consider to do an upgrade with this version.

avatar Jeremy Kane

I moved to Quicken 2010 after MS stopped supporting Money. I have not been pleased with the UI of Quicken compared to Money, but I do like Mint.com, so if Quicken is more Minty, then I might have to give 2011 a try. Thanks for the review!

avatar Jeremy Kane

I just “liked” on Facebook and tweeted with the link to this article. Thanks!

avatar Judy

Is this compatible with the Mac OS?

avatar meembo

I’ve been looking forward to the next version of Quicken, after the merge with Mint. All the reviews I’ve read say this is the biggest incremental change in Quicken in years

avatar Vivek

Good comprehensive review!!!!

avatar Tom McCarthy

I have been using Quicken since the DOS days, and this product has only gotten better. Sure, there were a couple rocky years and a couple garbage versions, but as a whole, I’m totally happy and have continued drinking the Kool-Aid and upgrading annually. Thanks for a good review, it seems 2011 just popped up out of the blue.

avatar Tarsus87

I have used Quicken for 10 years; I generally upgrade every 2 years. I am using Quicken 2009 and it has worked well; however, it has its flaws such as very slow downloads, and it is buggy with downloading transactions and categorizing them automatically. I am hoping that Quicken 2011 corrects these flaws.

avatar Wattsey

Thanks for the review! The slow register update issue was my main issue for returning 2010 Premier and going back to my old MS Money 2005. But with the loss of support for MS Money, I know I need to find a new platform. I’ll have to give Qucken another look.

avatar Max C

Thank you for the review. I am looking forward to winning this software package so that I can utilize all of the new features. :) Thanks!

avatar Janet Shelby

I have been a quicken fan for many years, and really love my 2009 upgrade, but I do not use all the functions. I have been looking at the 2011, and think this upgrade will be more user friendly and “Quicken” my way of keeping track of my financial picture.

avatar Dan

Thanks for the review, I just switched from MS Money last year so I think I will wait another year before I upgrade. Unless I win a copy.

avatar Oliver

Good review, thanks… and a free copy would be awesome as I need/want to switch from MS!

avatar Rob

on the fence about updating to 2011 version, free would be great.

avatar Armando Garcia

Great review.

avatar Thomas

yes please

avatar Ricardo Pearson

This was a very informative review. I just got the notice of Q2011 availability.

avatar Mike

I just bought 2010 last week!
Can I upgrade to 2011 for free?

avatar ProfQuill

Maybe not for ‘free’ depending on the price you paid and shipping, etc., but since Intuit offers a 60-day refund policy, no matter where you bought it, you are well within that timeframe.

avatar Kevin

Would love to upgrade!

avatar Sean

Finally, a decent upgrade from Intuit! Would love an upgrade, especially a free one.

avatar Steve

Thanks for the review. I’m interested in understanding Intuit plans for Mint and whether or not they ever plan to support Billpay in Mint. For me, Billpay + Mint would be the ultimate in personal financial software!

avatar Troy

Nice job with the review. Does it have a simplified budgeting option- example budget $100/mo for “Food”, but track through transactions that I am spending on Food:Restaurant vs. Food:Groceries. This has been a miss for me in the past – needed to use comments to help with reporting.

avatar Lois

I’d love to try the new version of Quicken – hope I win!

avatar Gerardo A


avatar E.J. Beaudoin

I currently use Quicken 2009 Home & Business and have been a Quicken user since 1996. I’m debating whether it makes sense to purchase Q2011. I have several issues with Q2009 that haven’t been addressed/fixed in the patch releases (e.g., periodic crashes, excessive download times). However, the interface and organization of the software works just fine for me. I tried to use Mint – when I first started hearing rumors that the Quicken software may go by the wayside – but it just doesn’t have all the functionality of Quicken, nor did I like the fact that I couldn’t access my financial information without an internet connection (I travel frequently). I did not want to upgrade to 2010, given that Quicken will no longer support downloads past 3 years and have never really been able to justify the annual expense for what seem to be minor cosmetic improvements. I haven’t been able to locate an in-depth review of 2011, as expected since it has just been released, but would like to hear comments of anyone who may have had Q2009 experience and have made the leap to Q2011. Thanks in advance.