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Resolutions for 2006

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In December, I start to reflect on the year that’s almost complete and begin looking forward to new new year in which I can use the opportunity to resolve to improve some aspects of my life. Here are my resolutions. (These may change all the way up to December 31, so check back for updates!)

First, some of the financial resolutions:

* I set up a preliminary budget this month. In 2006, I will solidify, improve, and stick to my budget for the year, and through regular updates here, my readers will help me hold myself accountable.

* I will negotiate for (and to the best of my ability receive) a higher salary and promotion based on the work I have done this year. I will also continue interviewing for new positions.

* With any positive result of the above resolution, I will increase my 401(k) investment.

* I will move out of this apartment, and between rent and transportation, cut my expenses.

* I will continue to increase income through technology consulting side projects, operating as a sole-proprietorship. I have received a Federal Employer Identification Number which will allow me to pay individuals who work for me. Hopefully this will result in some passive income as well.

* In 2006, I will keep receipts in preparation of itemizing business-related deductions for the tax year.

Some of the non-financial resolutions:

* I will get more exercise.

* I will focus on my courses more and won’t procrastinate (as much as I do now) the work that is due.

What are your resolutions? Feel free to leave them in the comments or trackback from your own blog if you have one.

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