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Search for Low Fares

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I’m thinking of going out to California next month. I’m checking flight prices with a new fare search from Yahoo (although it is still in beta). It queries “discount” carriers in addition to the bigger airlines. With some time, I’ll compare it to the fares other search engines find. In the mean time, check it out if you’re booking a trip.

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avatar jim

Nice little tool, doesn’t just slap another face on the same network used by Travelocity/Expedia/etc. Still missing out on the joys of Southwest, FlyI, and some other low cost carriers. One plus over Travelocity/Expedia/etc is that you don’t have to pay a $5 service charge (at least for the AirTran fare I looked at) “built into” the fare.

avatar Tony

Try sidestep.com, always seems to have the lowest rates and a wide range of airlines.

avatar Caitlin

I just read about http://www.kayak.com in Newsweek’s Enterprise section. Might be worth a look. good luck fare hunting :)